JASAM Fans Only Thread II - NO BASHING

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Re: JASAM Fans Only Thread II - NO BASHING

Postby sjogirl » Fri Feb 05, 2016 1:05 am

alexa_singen wrote:Just read on twitter that #jasamday is on the 8th not today. If that is true then we still have hope (although I have faith regardless).
Like someone said, Liz and Jason together is just angst, Jasam are the end game.
I mean everything JAson said to Sam today? I know it was a dream but c'mon guys lets be happy.

OK, I'll stop bugging...for now. I am just so desperate for Jasam to finally have their family and story. We never got that beacuse of the dumb stoyline with dumb McBain. Hope they get it right this time and give Jasam another baby and do it the right way with Jason by her side. She did have that Daydream that she had a little girl after Danny.

A little girl named Emily if I recall correctly

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Re: JASAM Fans Only Thread II - NO BASHING

Postby JodieSaves » Fri Feb 05, 2016 12:57 pm

alexa_singen wrote:Jasam's run to me

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KPj--65T_w (Sam shot)

There was so much emotion in this because the fisrt time she ran to him she was shot in the back, May '06. Alexis got involved becasue Sam was dying so Jason told Alexis Sam was her daughter(Sam was given up for adoption. Alexis turned out to be her mom). Then Alexis took over and made Jason stay away from Sam and after her surgery had her switched to a private hospital where Jason could not visit her. I hated Alexis then.
Then Sam sees Jason at MC on the balcony where she was shot on Aug."06 and he says run to me and then says "had I been holding you slightly lower you would have been shot higher and it would have gone through your spine and heart and you would have died in my arms that night. You could have been dead beacuse you ran into my arms" and then leaves her. :-( All stupid Alex's fault. She made him feel so guilty. They had such a beautiful and organic relationship and it blew up after this which is probably why this quote means so much to me. (they got back together a little afterwards and then back for good in '09). Especially now that they are trying to get back together, he is saying "run back to me" with what recently happened with him wanting her to help him get his memories back. Like she is the key, cinderellas glass slipper.lol Hope that made sense. :)

Thank you for posting! This reminded me of better days. Even went they weren't together, they were together. The writing was so romantic and wonderful.
Jason: "I'd take you to a play, on a date"
Sam "A play? Wouldn't you be bored?"
Jason "No, because while you were watching the play, I''d be watching you".
They are my favorite couple for so many reasons. But mostly because of how they talked and loved one another. Here's hoping they make their way back to each others arms.

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