JASAM Fans Only Thread II - NO BASHING

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Re: JASAM Fans Only Thread II - NO BASHING

Postby Moniker1979 » Sat Apr 30, 2016 9:17 pm

PhasesoftheMoon wrote:
JASAMistheMFOTP wrote:J: I'm thinking about how I finally have this great life and I don't want to lose it.. :D :D :D

I was also super happy when Jason said that with Sam.

I was very happy with Jason today when he made it clear to Sonny that he did not want to return back to the mob life and that he wants to put Samiel as his #1. Also glad that he ended up going to PCPD to talk to Mikey as well, since Mikey is his nephew; I really hope he doesn't go back to working for Sonny, I think Sonny is one of my most disliked characters on the show.

I absolutely love that Jason is putting Sam and Danny first. Carly and Sonny have to do what Sam did and accept Jason for who he is now. He's been manipulated so many months that he hasn't had a chance to figure out who he is or wants to be, especially as he still doesn't have his memories back.

I think Sonny and Carly need to lay off and let him figure it out.

However, I adore that he feels happy and right with Sam and Danny, despite still not having his memories.

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