JASAM Fans Only Thread II - NO BASHING

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Re: JASAM Fans Only Thread II - NO BASHING

Postby Jacee Wojo » Sun May 29, 2016 12:17 pm

Moniker1979 wrote:
Jacee Wojo wrote:
JASAMistheMFOTP wrote:I wonder if nick meant to set up Jason or Hayden? It looked like he was expecting her but unfortunately for Jason he showed up first.

I think Nik was planning to set up Hayden since he was texting the pictures of the diamonds and then received her text saying she was on her way. Of course Jason is going to be blamed which I hate. Can't Jason and Sam be happy together for more than a minute before disaster strikes again? Color me shocked when I saw Nik laying on the rocks. Is he supposed to be dead? I haven't read any spoilers that the actor who plays him was leaving, but he sure looked dead to me. If I didn't hear the window crash I wold have thought he just set the whole thing up, but now I'm not sure what happened. I use to like Nik at one time, but he sure has turned from the nice guy he once was. He has no problem calling Jason out for his past crimes, but what makes him think he is innocent after putting a hit on Hayden and all the illegal things he did when he stole ELQ from the Quartermaine family in the first place?

I really enjoyed this year's Nurses Ball. I loved everything about Jason and Sam, but I just wish we had more of them. I love these two finally together and obviously so much in love. Sam looked beautiful and Jason very handsome.

Ned and Emma were the best, but Dillon and Kiki were great too!!! I was wondering why Alexis and Diane never made it to the ball since they were suppose to be going to get their nails done unless Alexis decided not to return home after deciding to turn Julian in. Although Jordan was there and I didn't hear her mention arresting Julian. Just that she had called the station to have a cop arrive so she could arrest Sabrina. Also, no Kristina or Molly. I thought they would be there for sure.

I wish they had more time at the Nurse's Ball as well, but I was just so happy to see them together so happy and in love.

The Nik thing, I think he's either faking it, or Helena was behind it. I don't believe for a second that he's dead. Many soap characters have looked deader than dead only to come back very much alive. His "death" will kick off a mystery that Jason and Sam will try to solve. I am very much looking forward to it.

In terms of Nik, I always liked his character until he was turned into a weasel. Pointing out the crimes of others but ignoring or justifying one's own crimes makes one a weasel. It would be great if we found out that the real Nik was kidnapped by Helena and held somewhere and she sent out an imposter in his stead. Now THAT's classic soap. This way Sam can have her cousin back as well.

Hey Moniker I like your idea of this NIk being an imposter and the real and nice one being held by Helena all this time. It's funny because I have been doing some more thinking and just finished another post on the thread about "Did Jason Really Do It". My initial thought was that Nik was framing Hayden and staged the whole thing possibly with help with the staging and also his getaway because like you I don't believe Nik is dead. The only problem with that is what would Nik gain since he would never be able to return to PC once it was found out he was alive and Hayden would be set free.

Another thought I had was maybe Nik planned to kill Hayden or have whoever might have helped him with this whole thing do the actual killing, and something went wrong and this other unknown person pushed Nik. My problem with that is the fact that I don't believe Nik is dead so now I'm back to square one. Now if what you have said about Helena being behind it and the real Nik is being held by her I agree that would be great. It would redeem the real Nik and Sam would have her nice cousin back. I so hope you are right!!!

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Re: JASAM Fans Only Thread II - NO BASHING

Postby Moniker1979 » Sun May 29, 2016 1:28 pm

I agree. I don't like the whole Nik-set-Hayden-up storyline. Too simple. It would be a lot more exciting to have this imposter in place of Nik...maybe even an evil twin?! Why not, that is classic soap.

Wouldn't it actually be great if for years, Helena held the real Nick as well as Emily hostage on her island of evil and once Jason and Sam start investigating they find them?

I want the dark prince with the heart of gold back. That is one way to do it and bring Emily back as well. I don't believe for a second that Helena is dead and is done torturing Sam, Jason and Nik.

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