JASAM Fans Only Thread II - NO BASHING

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Jacee Wojo
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Re: JASAM Fans Only Thread II - NO BASHING

Postby Jacee Wojo » Tue Feb 09, 2016 7:37 am

I don't know what to add to what all of you already said. I feel like I have been the debbie downer always wanting more until someone makes me feel better about what has happened on various episodes. I liked the reference that Jason made saying he was the husband and that he took her hand, but again I am always wanting more. Even a kiss on her head, stroking her hair and saying how worried he was about her. He is her husband and even if he doesn't remember everything from before he has admitted he has feelings for her.

I don't know about these writers and the way they are writing for Jasam. I feel we are promised so much and so far imo they haven't delivered. Everything is too slow and I know we discussed that it was important for them to take things slow and discover a new love between them, but I am still puzzled. Hopefully, more will happen in today's episode. jmo

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Re: JASAM Fans Only Thread II - NO BASHING

Postby Deana4Villy » Tue Feb 09, 2016 9:03 am

Deana4Villy wrote:
crazydaisy wrote:I agree that it made NO sense that Jason somehow new that Sam pictured him saying "run to me." And haylee, I too wish that Sam had asked about Jake.

I will say, one moment made me smile -- Jason demanding to go into the hospital room, saying that he was her husband. Reminded me of him correcting Patrick after Sam was shot and Patrick called her his girlfriend -- "she's my fiancé."

I liked the husband thing too. What I thought was odd, and maybe I missed something, but here Jason is talking to Liz and he just got out of her house 1/2 second before it exploded, and it was like he thought she already knew about her house. Or maybe it just made it all the more important that he was only thinking about Sam.

I give Sam a pass on not asking about Jake. She has to know she was down there for hours. Why would she think Jake could still be alone at that point? She could never guess that he'd run away and been hit by a car on his bike.

I don't see how Jason could have guessed the run to me part either, and I like the theory that she mumbled it..

Ok, read recaps and she clearly approached him about the house. I watch with CCs and they were sort of jumbled and not picking up everything.

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Re: JASAM Fans Only Thread II - NO BASHING

Postby alexa_singen » Tue Feb 09, 2016 11:10 am

Frank tweeted "Huge, emotional moment today that will blow you waway."
Did I miss something, or was he talkng about when Lizs house blew up? :lol:

I mean I liked Jasam but the only time Ason was emotional per say was when he carried Sam into the Hospital. It was ruined when she woke up 2 seconds later and remembered everything. This is what I would like to happen...

Sam is dreaming when she is talking to Jason, Liz peaks in as Jason asks Sam to wake up or he has a flashback of the run to me and says run to me and Sam talks to him in her sleep like when she told Alexis she was her mother after she got shot. C'mon writers it souldn't be so complicated. BM and Kemo are amazing actors. They don't deserve anything less than amazing writing. Kemo does emotional scenes so well like baby Lila's SL and the honey moon.

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