JASAM Fans Only Thread II - NO BASHING

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Re: JASAM Fans Only Thread II - NO BASHING

Postby Jacee Wojo » Mon Feb 08, 2016 4:27 am

Moniker1979 wrote:
Devil-or-Angel wrote:
Moniker1979 wrote:You make a lot of sense, unfortunately. Let's whitewash Liz and Jake and just show that Sam is a stupid person.

I'm with you, I don't give a rat's behind about Liz and Jake. Sam was raked over the coals by Liz fans when that stuff happened with Jake 8 years ago. She was vilified on the show, earned redemption, said several times she was sorry and has been contrite about her actions. Many Liz fans said they don't care if she saved Jake and was very sorry for what she did, they were never going to forgive Sam. Well, I don't forgive Liz. I don't buy this redemption storyline, especially because the writers are ignoring that she helped Nick behind everyone's back to get ELQ, which is corporate espionage and she was an accessory to attempted murder, as Nick tried to kill Hayden and she knew about it.

Badly done of the writers. Sam earned her redemption, I've yet to see Liz earn hers and as far as I see, the writer's are doing a hack job of it.

100% agree. Sweeping everything under the rug and having her crying over her child's injury does not make for a redemption. I couldn't careless about her or Jake at the moment. it will take a very very very long time before I forget or forgive the liar for what she did to Jason in the name of 'love' and for the way the writer's are trying to whitewash her now.

Grrr, I better stop, I'm just making myself upset now. :x

You're right, there is no need to get upset over this.

Just one thing: we have to remember what she did, she didn't just do to Jason. She did it to Sam, Danny, Monica, Carly, Sonny, etc., By keeping this secret she stole Jason from everyone. She should have apologized to Carly on Friday. But Carly is the better person, but their differences aside and supported her anyways because Jake was hurt.

You're right, I'm not going to forgive Liz as easily as the writers want us to. In fact, I want to see Liz give a really heartfelt apology to Sam and Danny for keeping Jason from them and I want her to make it up to Sam, just like Sam did for Liz years ago. I want the writers to deal with the ELQ thing and the Hayden attempted murder thing and Nick and Liz's roles in that.

Without that, forget redemption. Just because the writers tell us we should forgive, doesn't mean we have to. In fact, I have a feeling these writers are going to act like nothing happened weeks from now. From what I've seen from these writer's so far, they seem to have a real problem with having the characters who behave disgustingly bad show contrition. Valerie springs to mind as an example, too.

Time will tell, but I'm not going to be holding my breath.

Wow as I am getting caught up and see that Jasam fans were messed with even more than we originally thought I can't believe it. To leave out the scene where Sam gets to the top of the stairs and finds the door locked and of course it had to be locked by Jake is just unbelievable. I think of all the threads started still blaming Sam and even making fun of things like it's her own fault for wearing heels. She needed to mind her own business or none of this would have happened and on and on. If this scene of Sam getting to the top of the stairs and finding the door locked had been shown it would show as we were originally led to believe that Jake did have a part in it. Instead that scene was left out.

Add to that the writers still haven't addressed Liz's involvement with Nik regarding the ELQ shares or the fact that she knew Nik had hired someone to kill Hayden.

I agree I have no intention of just forgiving Liz because she has done nothing to deserve it. I agree with you when you say these writers have a problem showing really bad characters able to show contrition and Valerie is definitely another one.

I don't know what we will get and I'm not holding my breath either based on learning these things. I won't be satisfied until all these things are addressed and everything comes out about Liz's involvement and real apologies are made to Sam, Danny, Monica, Carly and Sonny.

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