In regards to the bickering!!

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Re: In regards to the bickering!!

Postby GylesMommy » Mon Feb 26, 2007 3:48 pm

Quote ReignOfTerror: Gyles mom, great post.

I will debate the characters, but as soon as someone starts attacking the posters because of their opinion, someone needs to step in and say something. Thanks.
I hope I have not offended anyone personally, with my posts. If I have, I truly apologize.

Thanks, I love reading your comments as well. They are based n what you see and thats what I try to do. I have no favorite COUPLES just characters and I like them all really. I hate when they attack posters. It just makes me think of a 5 year old brother fighting with his 4 year old sister. Debating is great bashing is hate!!

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Re: In regards to the bickering!!

Postby happi » Mon Feb 26, 2007 4:15 pm

Quote GylesMommy: Why cant people respect the other posters opinions. I dont care if someone thought I was stupid because I like Sonny and Carly or Patrick and Robin. I like what i like and am not ashamed. I have my reasons for liking those couples just as other posters have reason for liking who or what they like. They should never be made to feel stupid or dumb because of their opinins because that is infact thier opinion just as other posters have their own. I say stop this non sense bickering and have actual debates on CHARACTERS not posters or real life people. And dont take things personal. Just cause someone doesnt like who you like does not mean they have a personal grudge against you. Lets act Like adults here instead of 5th graders. I could easily see this board being closed because of the useless and nonstop bickering. Lets play nice people.

thanks for addressing the bickering issue.. way out of hand and everyone has their own opinion! i think we should respect it! i'm not for one side, though i was. i decide to be a neutral fan because on the whole i like mostly everyone on the show!

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