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Re: JaSam and Sam Spoilers

Postby alexa_singen » Thu Jul 28, 2016 10:22 pm

ghjasam wrote:
alexa_singen wrote:
ghjasam wrote:Calling all jasammers lol

No spoilers??

According to one I saw on twitter: "Jasam fans have something big coming up. Good things you can expect in the coming months."

I am really getting tired of this CI S/L. Nothing is really happening. Jasam r on for like 3min an episode. Wasn't this supposed to be an excited thrill seeking summer or whatever?

what about Jakes book and Jason's time on CI? I mean he just mentioned the place looking familiar so maybe it will come up after they leave the castle. Idk, but if GH wants to keep our attention they need to move the S/L a little faster.

Jasam were not on for 5 days!!! Whats up with that? Did they think all Jasam fans would go on vacation at the same time and not watch GH for a week?

Rant over. :D

Rant away. I'm there with you. Tbh though I have been loving the jasam tidbits (and I say tidbits because of the little screentime they get). Their love, devotion, faith, partnership, friendship has been dying through at all times.

I haven't watched the show since Monday past so today was a glorious day. I loved everything jasam - jason's concern for Sam, Jason breaking loose from the chair/handcuffs, Jason telling the guard if something happens to Sam he will kill him, Jason telling Sam she is stubborn and Jason saving everyone. Great jassm day. BM and km are just right together. I love them.

Yes! Finally some good emotions!!! Loved it! Can't wait for whats to come! Supposedly their story is gonna get really good in the coming months.

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