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Postby alexa_singen » Tue May 24, 2016 3:01 pm

Live recap 5.24.16

Emma and Robin watching nurses all on TV.

Lucas and Bobbie 1st to arrive.
Epiphany, Anna, [Nina is on a ball tonight]

Maxie and Dr.Kumbaya at GH
Scott and Eva, Kiki at Eva's
Nosey nurse [Love for her to be the one to humiliate Liz since she's just like Liz]
Liz cheesily trips on nosey nurse and is caught by none other than Franco.[super cheesy]
Dr. Obrecht and Carly behind stage or what not.

Felix and Brad, Jordan and Andre

Franco tells new nosey nurse[not to get confused.lol] she needs to watch where she's going.
"I guess some people don't have natural grace[herself] or talent[liz] :lol: ."
Liz twisted her ankle and perform. oh please. Franco insists on helping her. I guess they will be on the red carpet together.

Nik arrives with Hayden.[Nina on a ball again messing w/ ppl Nik too] Well this humiliation can't come soon enough.

Brad tells Felix nothing can go wrong. And then they see Lucas[wasn't supposed to until the wedding]
[Could the aveeno propagand be anymore obvious? I swear these ppl do not know how to commercialize. B/w Shriners, the NB and now Aveeno. Killing me.]

Skipped a few scenes. Waiting for JaSam. [saving the best couple for last?]

Haydenuestions Nik. Why he told the news ppl that she may have money stashed away.
Lucy arrives
Carly talks to George from ABC 7
Scott, Nina and Eva arrive [Nina... :lol: ]
Maxi arrives w/ Priest. lol
Valerie and Curtis
Liz arrives w/ [a hurt ankle] and franco as a crutch. :lol: Hayden see's them. Hayde and Liz r wearing the same dress.

JASAM ARRIVE!!! Finally! Sam asks if he is sure...
News anchor asks Sam if it's his ex wife or next wife. She says she is just happy to be with Jason.
Now that JaSam arrived I'll screw everyone else over. lol)

JAsam photos. Jason says it's his first red carpet thanks to her.(I think he said that.lol Dont want to rewind.lol)

Sam looks back and see's Liz and Franco coming in (for the second time. Liz wearing a different dress)
Jason tells Friz that his memories are coming back and the more they do the more he doesn't want his son around franco and Liz's realtionship. Liz looks worried. HAHA. Her plan to piss Jason off firebacked and real quick. He just walked off with Sam. :lol:
Look on her face? Priceless! For everything else, there's MasterCard.

Hayden and Nik. Well if she blows his life to hell it's his fault. Says he wouldn't like it if she pushed back.

Jason apologizes to Sam. She says he doesn't have to. He handled himslef perfectly. She gets really close and interrupted by Robin [kinda feel obligated to fogive.UGH!]
Sam goes to see Emma who's excited to see her. While Jason tells Robin he is starting t remember. Jason is glad Robin is there.

Jasam being cute and then rudely interrupted by Nik. Jason says he's not his enemy so "Backoff"
Liz seated at the table nex to JaSam

Jason asks sam whats wrong. She looks worried.
Liz tells Jake he can do this (not sure what it is) If they whininy kid can be on I think Danny can be on. The one who tals lke a big boy.

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