Recuers Point of View..

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Recuers Point of View..

Postby madhearts4liason » Fri Feb 09, 2007 4:53 pm

This one is going to be about the aftermath so to speak..As we've seen there is going to be an explosion..and as history has shown..explosion=trapped victims..With everyone outside of the Metro waiting for their loved ones..and some sneaking in of course..Will there be unlikely rescues? Who will Ric save..and will he be tempted to let them die? Since all the hostages are standing together..will the rescuers also save unlikely ppl? Ppl they normally wouldnt life a finger for? I'd like to know opinions on who it would be the most interesting to see rescued by an unlikely person? Stuff like that..Will ppl be tempted to not save one to save another..What choices will they have to make to save some..or let some die?

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Re: Recuers Point of View..

Postby TwoOfHearts » Fri Feb 09, 2007 6:30 pm

I would love to see Ric rescueing Elizabeth! Yes Ric is a real jerk but I can definetly see him changing for Liz! But I guess it would't work cause she is pregnant with Jason's baby (as far as we know)...I just don't want her with Lucky or Jason...

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