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Re: [b]** JULY SPOILERS **[/b]

Postby ghlover2009 » Sun Jul 26, 2009 8:43 pm

from soc:
poilers for the Week of July 27, 2009

Jason asks Robin to intercede on Michael's behalf

Michael is released from jail

Carly learns of Michael's arrest despite Jax's best efforts to keep her in the dark

Carly is certain that Michael is innocent

Carly's blood pressure spikes

Claudia vows to make the person responsible for her miscarriage pay

Sam questions Alexis' parenting skills

Sam suspects Kristina might have caused Claudia's accident

Carly accuses Alexis of causing the accident

Michael and Kristina decide to runaway

Jason and Sam work together to find Michael and Kristina

Alexis has an APB issued on Michael

Olivia confides to Johnny that she knows Claudia was behind Michael's shooting

Lulu urges Maxie to be truthful with Spinelli

Maxie panics when she spots Spinelli and Mac together

Spinelli turns to Mac for his approval to ask for Maxie's hand in marriage

Edward thwarts Nikolas' attempts to see Rebecca

Edward and Rebecca are arrested

Claudia decides to target Michael and calls on Jerry Jacks for help

Jerry Jacks is hot on Michael's trail

Alexis confesses

Alexis tells Diane the truth

Jax and Carly figure out what Alexis is up to

Carly offers Olivia advice when she notices the attraction between Sonny and Olivia

Ethan and Lucky put aside their differences to deal with Dominic's interest in Lulu

. . .

Spoilers for Next Week

Michael and Kristina head to Mexico

Olivia fights her attraction for Sonny

Jerry plans to use Michael to get to Jason

Sonny is unsure about his feelings for Claudia

Alexis' situation is dire

Robin is determined to clear Alexis' name

Diane tells Alexis that things look bleak

Dominic has eyes for Lulu

Jerry manages to stay a step ahead of Sam

Sam catches up with Michael and Kristina

Michael and Kristina are in grave danger

Dominic discovers Olivia and Johnny together

Dominic has a huge secret

Spinelli talks to Mac

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Re: [b]** JULY SPOILERS **[/b]

Postby ghlover2009 » Sun Jul 26, 2009 8:45 pm

from about

* Jason brings Michael back.
* Sam has some harsh words for Alexis about her parenting, and gives Alexis a shock.
* A grief-stricken Claudia wants revenge against the person who caused the accident.
* Sonny blows his stack at Michael.

Tuesday, July 28

* Carly believes Michael was framed, and blames Alexis.
* Sonny feels terrible about the things he said.
* Kristina has made some plans.
* Sam is sure Kristina caused the accident.
* Michael can't hold up under Sonny's questioning.

Wednesday, July 29

* Morgan receives a farewell email from Michael.
* Alexis reveals what's happening with Michael and Kristina.
* Rebecca won't give Ethan another chance.
* Sam and Jason search for Michael and Kristina.
* Maxie sees Spinelli speaking with Mac and panics, thinking it's about her.

Thursday, July 30

* Bent on revenge, Claudia gets in touch with her Uncle Rudy.
* The search for Michael hits a dead end.
* Alexis has something surprising to say.
* Kristina decides to stay close to Michael.

Friday, July 31

* Jason and Sam can't find Michael and Kristina.
* Michael and Kristina purchase bus tickets for Mexico.
* Lucky and Ethan become partners.
* Alexis is desperate to keep suspicion from Kristina.
* Carly picks up on the vibes between Sonny and Olivia.

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Re: [b]** JULY SPOILERS **[/b]

Postby ghlover2009 » Sun Jul 26, 2009 8:55 pm

from sz:


by Carol Banks Weber

* Sonny has a severe talking-to with Michael. Hide the barware, kids.
* Michael can't bear Sonny's all-consuming anger.
* Sonny regrets yelling at Michael. He tries to find his son to say he’s sorry.
* His son, Michael, has decided it’s best for everybody if he just started a new life somewhere else, like, maybe Mexico.
* Kristina gets wind of Michael’s traveling plans and joins him on their new adventure.
* Michael e-mails Morgan about his traveling plans, which Morgan passes on to Jason.
* Jason sits on this bit of info, so Carly won’t blow a gasket and die, taking her unborn fetus with her.
* Jason and Sam prepare to locate Michael and Kristina.
* Losing a baby hits Claudia hard. Plinkety-plink.
* Claudia envisions the worst torture imaginable for those who wronged her and cost her her child. Starting with Michael.
* Jax fails in keeping Carly stress-free when she finds out anyway about Michael’s troubles.
* Carly vouches for Michael being a good boy and not being the one who caused Claudia’s miscarriage.
* Claudia thinks Carly’s a fool, but acts like she understands; meanwhile, she’s plotting to make Michael miserable.
* Sam informs Alexis that perhaps her perfect little daughter Kristina had a part in Claudia's misfortune.
* Alexis shoots the messenger, railing against Sam for her disloyalty.
* Sam thinks Alexis should look in the mirror and take some parenting classes.
* As the hours progress, Sam believes Kristina and Kristina alone caused the car accident.
* Sam and Jason work together in order to locate the missing teens, Michael and Kristina.
* Before Jason and Sam can even hop in their vehicle for the mission, they run into a bit of trouble. Spinelli had been messing with Jason’s car earlier.
* Jason and Sam are off in their search. They encounter a pain in the ass cop and Michael’s vehicle, but no Michael or Kristina.
* Kristina keeps her knowledge of the car accident to herself. Not even Michael knows.
* Kristina and Michael are headed to Mexico by bus.
* Jerry shadows Kristina and Michael on their fugitive adventure.
* Alexis finds out that Michael’s gone AWOL. She believes Michael’s the problem that plagued Kristina.
* Alexis bitterly reports Michael and Kristina’s AWOL status to Jax and Carly.
* Carly lays Michael's woes right at Alexis's doorstep.
* Alexis runs Michael down to Carly.
* Alexis has Mac do an APB to find Kristina and nail Michael.
* Carly whines and nags about investigating Alexis.
* Jax asks Mac to give Alexis’s vehicle the once-over.
* Alexis steps forward, so Kristina doesn't have to suffer.
* Jax doesn’t believe Alexis did it. He knows why she stepped forward too. Carly does too.
* Claudia enlists a badass to deal summarily with Michael.
* Alexis takes Diane aside and lets her BFF know the score.
* Sonny and Carly beat themselves up over Michael’s dilemma. They know they contributed to his running away.
* Kristina resolves to stick with Michael on their refugee journey, even when he gives her a chance to go back home.
* Carly catches Sonny and Olivia making eyes.
* Carly reminds Olivia of what happens to women who fall for Sonny.
* Olivia confesses to Johnny that she already heard about Claudia having ordered that hit.
* Maxie seeks Lulu out about her dilemma with Spinelli and his endless marriage proposals.
* Lulu’s advice to Maxie is to talk this over with Spinelli and be open.
* Maxie says the last thing she wants is for Mac to know about this. And yet…
* Maxie takes one look at Spinelli conversing with Mac, and goes nuts.
* Lulu arrives to save Maxie and possibly stop Spinelli from proposing to Mac that he’s proposed to his niece.
* Ethan takes a shot at making things right again with Rebecca. But she disses him.
* Edward ensures Rebecca and Nikolas don’t meet.
* Edward and Rebecca take a ride, but soon have to deal with a cop for driving with a stolen license plate (the result of Michael’s practical joke-playing from before).
* Edward and Rebecca must face the long arm of the law. They won’t do it alone. Nikolas comes panting in.
* Ethan and Lucky thaw, because of Dominic making eyes at Lulu. Both brothers are determined to save Lulu from Dominic’s mob-related clutches.
* Next week: It's crap on Alexis week... Kristina and Michael experience hell headed toward Mexico... Jerry evades Sam's detection... Is Jerry headed toward the kids?... Olivia refuses to give in and love Sonny actively… When Dominic walks in on his mom and Johnny together, he’s not pleased… Sonny talks to Claudia, being honest about his confusion regarding where they stand… Dante harbors a mystery… Dante/Dominic tries to make time with Lulu… Lucky and Ethan try to scare Dante/Dominic away from Lulu… Olivia and Dante/Dominic feud… Olivia unravels the mystery Dante/Dominic’s holding… Jerry sees an opportunity to manipulate Jason through Michael… Sam achieves a little success in narrowing down her search for Kristina and Michael… Jerry out-maneuvers Sam, kid’s play… Kristina and Michael unknowingly play into an evildoer’s hands… When Sam catches up with Kristina and Michael, she encounters another challenge named Jerry… Robin endeavors to free Alexis from her charges… Diane cautions Alexis on hoping for much… Alexis goes into police custody, treated like a criminal… Spinelli corners Mac, about to spill his guts

Gossip for the week of 27-Jul-2009

by Carol Banks Weber

Steve Burton (Jason) is reportedly playing hardball and hardass with GH's PTB during contract renegotiations. He's already allegedly told fans (at the last Fan Club Weekend) that he's close to selling his CA house and heading off to Nashville, TN, which he loves. He added the caveat of renting in CA if he does decide to stay on with GH, but it's iffy at best.

Ingo Rademacher's (Jax) surprising appearance at the GH Fan Club Weekend luncheon garnered the most positive response from fans, which may or may not have irked Burton--allegedly not a fan of the anti-Monavie Rademacher. Supposedly, there were more swooning fans waiting to meet Rademacher than Burton.

Another kid to play Jake, Elizabeth and Jason's baby. Why? What is he gonna be, 21 now?

Elizabeth and Nikolas may very well venture into coupledom equals baby #3 for her.

Speaking of Nikolas, I’m telling you, hire my son James, 7, to play his son (with Courtney). James looks like a combo of those two characters.

Is this Steve Burton's (Jason) Twitter page? Is he nuts?!

Claudia’s weird. It’s not okay to kill any children. Yet, when she has a miscarriage, she thinks nothing of targeting Michael, who – to my knowledge – didn’t suddenly rapidly age into the age of Sonny. She’s history, folks

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