Spoiler..About Colleen

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Re: Spoiler..About Colleen

Postby mommymccormick » Wed Jan 31, 2007 5:03 pm

Quote ILoveJason:
Quote toorobbin: How about a real shot in dark here, and I'll say Alfred.

He was so distraught about, Colleen taking Spencer, that he even gave Nikolas his notice of resgination.

And then, if it was Alfred, they could say The Butler Did It.


I did not even think about him,that would be good too.Who know's if we'll even ever know.Look how long Laura's story with Ric Webber dragged out.That is what sucks. *)

That could be funny if the butler did it. Alfred could not stand Colleen, he was just as suspicious of her as Em was. It would be in his nature to feel like he needed to protect the Prince and his heir from that witch. >)

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Re: Spoiler..About Colleen

Postby toorobbin » Wed Jan 31, 2007 5:07 pm

Or, knowing g.h. may it was just Colleen's driving on ice or something and lost control of the car and crashed.

And that way, no one has to go to jail for Colleen.

The way, they wrote that whole s/l was so pathetic.


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