I love Nelle, she is a good person

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Re: I love Nelle, she is a good person

Postby fighterm » Mon Mar 20, 2017 8:16 pm

shepmajor wrote:
But she IS continuing with it! She still hasn't told the truth about what really happened with Sonny. She is still spewing venom and blaming Carly.

Because Carly found all the stuff that NELLE trashed and verbally attacked her. So Nelle got defensive. When people are verbally attacking you it's hard to explain anything. She actually wanted to explain that it's not how it looks, but she did not get the chance. Again, Carly should better remember that Nelle saved her daughter's life and try a different approach. Maybe then Nelle will tell her. Nelle also tried to tell Michael what really happened, but he would not listen.

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Re: I love Nelle, she is a good person

Postby Comment » Mon Mar 20, 2017 9:20 pm

So you keeping trying until they listen. The well I tried and it did not work so forget it doesn't work for me. :( You go back to them a say that there is some thing you really need to tell them, some thing they really need to hear. I know your mad but just hear me out. Listen to what I have to say. I need to talk to you about some thing, just listen. Those are all statements she could use. Or just blurt it out so they hear it. Does she ? No. :mrgreen: She keeps on with her resentfulness for something that is in the past that was out of her control and it is eating her up. She resents Carly not helping the family when they needed her but then she was made to save Carly's daughters life. A twist to the story would be if she got sick and Joss gave her some thing that would save her.
Glad she is moving on to the Cassadine's (though I wish Mr Jacks would clear this up sooner than later and she'd find the broom she rode in on and leave). Does not appear to be happening. She has dug her heels in and enjoys seeing the pain she has caused. Lets see if sparks fly from her finger tips with her and the Cassadines.

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