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Everything ON Everyone

Postby Erin » Tue Sep 05, 2006 9:01 am

First off, Casey and Maddie have a lot to work on when the slasher story is gone! Maddie will be confronted, not only by her rape, but by the fact that it was her sister who was murdering innocent teens for selfish behavior!! Gwen and Will will also have a lot to work through, especially if Jade continues to interfere, and she will!! She will want Will more than anything, and to her, nothing will get in her way, not even poor Gwen. //// LIlly will wake up soon ,and the issues of her son will still be there when she does! Of course, if she doesn't remember, it would be pretty hard to recover!! HOlden and Luke deserve to be happy, and I hope they get a chance to reconcile everything out. //// Carly and Jack NEED to be over for a while. They can't be together ,because Carly needs to be taught a good hard lesson. And perhaps, it'll give them a chance to figure out what they truly want, and have some fun!!! ////Barbara is a fool, and always will be ! She needs to let Dusty be Dusty, and not try to run his life, like she did with Jen's. Poor JEn, I feel sorry for her!!!

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