what next

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what next

Postby cajunmon » Sun Sep 03, 2006 10:19 pm

Okay the slasher story is almost over. What will be the next big story line? Will it be that Jade will be pregant or Carly will get pregant for simon or Emily and Paul will get back together. I don't think that whatever will happen next will top the slasher story.

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Re: what next

Postby grits1976 » Mon Sep 04, 2006 4:16 pm

~) This is what I'm afraid will happen, don't want but am afraid will happen. Jade ends up pregnant or more likley lies about being that way. This hurts Will's chances with Gwen, so basically they turn the Jade, Gwen, Will saga into the same as the Tom, Margo, Emily scenerio. What I would like to see is Will & Gwen get on track, and possibly try some kind of experimental thing and have a baby of their own. :D
On the Jack & Carly situation,if infact, Eve is the slasher, Jack and Carly need to get back together to. What makes the most sense is Jack catching Carly & Simon together, then not wanting Simon to be part of his kids' lives, gives Carly an ultimatum, to which she responds at least I'm not dating a murderer.
As for Emily & Paul I don't care if they are together are not, if they do, I think Emily's crazy. Leave Paul with Meg and when Craig comes back he can swoon over Emily. >) It isn't like they don't deserve each other.

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