I did not know you could go to this message board

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I did not know you could go to this message board

Postby lona » Mon Jul 29, 2013 5:24 pm

Hooray! I am glad to trade in my B&B discussions with this board. I miss this show. There were so many that I cant believe the other two soaps don't bring aboard. Why didn't they bring Reva back as Diane. With Kyle being older. Why not have Barbara in her underwear for Barb's Bedroom. She was much sexier then the other one. I miss the guys. Like when Billy and Josh, the Dad all played cards. You don't have anyone liking anyone on the other soaps. How funny Henry was. OMG. I was in love with him. And poof this soaps don't know how to write. Give Henry to Brooke, show Brooke how much fun life can be. Without sleeping with a relative. I am so happy for this board! :-)

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