How did ATWT impact your family life?

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How did ATWT impact your family life?

Postby ILoveOakdale » Sun Oct 03, 2010 9:15 pm

Many people have expressed their grief over the loss of the show because they would continue to watch long after the passing of such loved ones because it made them feel close to them to continue watching. How many of you purchased the ATWT Tribute Magazine? If you did then you must remember reading the article where Eileen Fulton tells about the lady who approached her with the story of how her mother was laying on her death bed asking the priest, “How is Lisa?”

There are plenty of people in high places who say soap operas are not family oriented, but I think there are plenty personal testimonies that prove these higher ups wrong! I certainly don’t believe a talk show is more family oriented than our beloved ATWT.

In many families it became like a family tradition passed down from grandmother to mother to daughter (sons too, don’t think I’m leaving men out of this because plenty of men watch too!)

With that being said I would like to ask everyone to share their story. What does ATWT mean to you and your family if you grew up watching with them? Do you think the show represents family oriented programming?

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Re: How did ATWT impact your family life?

Postby VickyJo » Tue Oct 12, 2010 3:11 pm

I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one still missing ATWTs. I started watching with my Aunt when I was a young girl, she loved, I watched it with her and I got hooked. I have been watching for about 30 years now. My Aunt passed away a few years ago which made watching it even more important to me, it was like I was watching it for her. I even have gotten my husband hooked, he might not admit it but I was watching an espsiode {I have it saved on PVR } and at the end (it tapes a few minutes after the show is over) Days of Our Lives was on and my husband said who are these ppl we don't know them, where is Jack and Carly or Dusty and the cute red hed? I almost feel on the floor, I couldn't believe he knows their names and who goes with who. Then I reminded him they took our show off the air, just when he was really getting into. We watched the wedding together.

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