ATWT Friends

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ATWT Friends

Postby BKLYN » Sat Oct 02, 2010 10:39 am

Hello to Everyone, like you I really miss ATWT. I cannot believe that I will never again see the Hughes, Snyder's, Stewart's & the rest of the crew that were part of this show. I watch Y&R and B&B because I am a huge fan of these soaps as well but after that I change channels. I started watching OLTL and for some of you former GL fans the actor that played Ross and actress that played Reva are on that show. Also, the former Margo from ATWT is on OLTL she plays Nora. I have to be honest I am started to like OLTL but miss ATWT and my 2PM EST will never be the same. Damn CBS I hope their afternoon programs getting horrible ratings especially their 2PM slot.

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