Other soaps paying homage to ATWT

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Other soaps paying homage to ATWT

Postby Tigress1761 » Mon Sep 20, 2010 5:15 pm

I finally watched the OLTL show from Friday today-obviously in mourning for ATWT on that day-but noticed John spinning a globe in a scene with Natalie, then on todays Y&R, there was a globe in the scene with Paul and Heather. Did any of the other soaps do this? AMC, B&B, GH and Days are all that's left to pick from. I don't watch B&B anymore, only Days occasionally, and wasn't thinking to look on AMC or GH. I think it was classy for them to do that, to honor the 54 yrs and 13,858 episodes of ATWT.

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