Will Y&R "Ruin" Maura West

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pink kiity
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Re: Will Y&R

Postby pink kiity » Tue Sep 21, 2010 9:53 pm

I watch them both on as the world turns and i think there both very good actors and i happy they will be on ours soaps now but i have a feeling they wont be on long, :-) i welcome them as i welcome the three from guiding light, :-)

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Re: Will Y&R

Postby KELLY72 » Fri Sep 24, 2010 8:06 pm

I agree, i was totally upset when i heard she was coming in as Diane, i can't picture her with Victor at all. She is much younger. I was hoping she would be a new character as well. A part of me was hoping Carly and Jack would have made their way onto another soap together. It would have made sense for them to go to Bold and the Beautiful seeing as Carly was a fashion designer. And god knows that soap needs some help. To me Maura will always be my beloved Carly who will always be totally in love with her G-man!!
Quote PurrrrrrrKitty: I love, love, love Maura West... she has won two Emmy's... but she is a recast of a character that was introduced 25 years ago as a love triangle between Jack and Victor... I hope she can pull that off...

I had hoped she would enter the show as a new character.

Victor (Eric Braden) is now 68 and Jack is now 58..... Maura is 38..

The two actresses that played that character are in their early 50's.

Have my fingers and toes crossed for her success!!!!!

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