I HATE it's gone!!

Show's over but feel free to continue chatting to keep Oakdale alive.
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I HATE it's gone!!

Postby mpwifefl » Fri Sep 17, 2010 11:45 pm

;( ;( I made it through Bob's beginning but, at 1:08pm central, the dam broke and my heart broke for the 49 or so years I could remember being "IN" Oakdale. My grandmother watched, my Mom watched and I watched.....til today. I remember EXACTLY when Pres. JF Kennedy was shot and what myself and my mom were doing. I was 5 days away from my 5th bday but remember that moment like it was yesterday and I'll be 52 in Nov.

The one HUGE question I have from today's finale is: where in the WORLD was LISA????????!!! I was SHOCKED she wasn't a part of the show and SHOULD have had, at least, one scene with Bob before the "WORLD" stopped turning!!! I prayed a cable channel would pick up the show but, with MW going to Y&R, I know that dream will NEVER happen. If I didn't love that show so much, CBS could..........well, all ya'll know what I mean!!!

With much sadness, I right this. Thanks, CBS. You took our "FAMILY" away!! ;(

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