Once Upon a Time in a Land called Oake...

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Once Upon a Time in a Land called Oake...

Postby Earthmom » Fri Sep 17, 2010 5:01 pm

a lovely Princess was born unto the King and Queen. Her smile was as lovely as the morning sunshine and her laugh was as musical as a bird's song. And so, the King and Queen of Oake named their little Princess....Sweet Caroline.

As she grew they taught her to be loving and kind, to respect the differences of the many Peoples of the Land...but alas, the Princess could not find it in her heart to learn these lessons of Kindness. She felt all people should think her way, and all people should act her way, and all people should love...only her way.

Time passed and the King and Queen left the Land to live in the Castle in the Clouds...as did all Kind folk when their days in the Land came to an end.

As Sweet Princess Caroline grew into a woman, her voice no longer held the beauty and harmony of birdsong. She screeched and spoke harshly to all. Her face no longer had the bright beauty of sunshine...it became wrinkeled and hard.

Eventually, the folk of the Land came to realize there was nothing sweet about the Princess at all. She was mean and hateful to all those whose thoughts and ways were not exactly like her own. Since something was clearly missing from her heart, the People renamed her Sweet Ca oline.

Many days and years went by and soon there were no people of the Land who could remember the Princess as ever being kind, even once. And so, they passed on to the Castle in the Clouds with all of the Good Folk of the Land.

In Oake there were no people left at all...except the mean-hearted Princess. And so, she lived for eternity alone in the Land with only the hateful for company. Trolls under bridges, ogres in dark caves were her only companions...because she could never find it in her heart to understand the kindness and compassion that the King and Queen so desperately tried to teach her...

And, she lived miserably ever after.

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Barb G
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Re: Once Upon a Time in a Land called Oake...

Postby Barb G » Sat Sep 18, 2010 2:01 pm

Thank you, my friend, for MY happily ever after!!! I couldn't have asked for a better ending... :-)

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Re: Once Upon a Time in a Land called Oake...

Postby CMath90606 » Mon Sep 20, 2010 8:57 am

God Bless Earthmom, Barb G and all the good folk in Oakdale. You will all be missed.

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