Who will you miss the most???

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Re: Who will you miss the most???

Postby lovinthesoaps » Sat Oct 16, 2010 6:28 pm

Quote PurrrrrrrKitty: I will miss the entire show.. I have over 50 years of memories... Some of the past story lines were truly awesome..so well acted.......I watched many of the characters grow old in front of my eyes.

I started watching when I was pregnant for my 1st child.. and my husband was far away in the service.. so it became a time of day that I waited for.....then later, I rocked this baby as I watched... so I have soooooo many personal memories tied into this show.

I returned to work and only got to watch it occasionally.. but then they came out with a portable radio with TV stations on it.. I would listen to it during my lunch hour... but as soon as VCR's came out.. I started taping..

I will miss seeing the "world" turn.....

This Soap captured what went on in small town
U.S.A.... in a fantasy way that made sense...... family... drama... love.... conflict... without sleeze..

This is such a great post!! Exactly how I feel. I have watched this show almost my whole life. Its sad to know that its all over. I am grateful that I am getting to see my favs on other soaps but its definitely not the same as seeing the ATWT families! %(

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