My thoughts on ATWT's ending

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My thoughts on ATWT's ending

Postby laner111 » Tue Sep 07, 2010 9:26 pm

I have been a viewer of ATWT's for over 25 years and it has been my favorite by far. Im saddened to see it ending, not just because we wont be seeing the characters everyday, like Lucy, Babs , tom, carly and , holden, but also because its an ending to a certain genre of television. I think this is just the beginning of the end for all soaps and i hope thats not true. Soaps have been on the air for my entire life. I remember talking to all the females (and some men) in my life about what is happening on our soaps. It saddens me that i wont be able to do that about ATWT's. Guiding Light was another one of my favorites..i find it hard to believe that these endearing, quality shows are being replaced by Game shows and reality TV! Bleh! Give me a good , long running daytime soap over that anyday! I hope someday, down the line they will bring them back some form.

I would also like to say i think the actor playing Reid Oliver is amazing and i hope another soap or some sharp-eyed movie producer snaps him up. He is an amazing talent.

Good luck to all the actors who have made me cry, scream and laugh ..i hope you all have succesful , happy lives and hopefully find yourselves on one of the remaining soaps.

Also, to Scott Bryce, a special thanks for being one hell of a Craig! No one did Craig like you!

Lucinda, (EH) thank you for your amazing delivery of a wonderful character!!!

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