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Postby nonniepat » Tue Sep 07, 2010 8:49 am

I may be in the minority here but my god what a show on Friday and all last week actually.

The drama and suspense have not been seen on ATWT in many a day and at the break neck speed they are going to wrap all these story lines in time. WOW!!

Every scene Friday was powerful and every character in the scenes contributed 110% IMHO.

I cried the entire time. Then spent the weekend watching the whole week again only to cry all over again.

I was actually jumping up and down (not easy to do at my age or size) when Reid turned around at the car and finally told Luke he loves him. Then I watched Luke watch Reid drive away and was crying again knowing that their finally spoken words of love will be short lived.

Henry, God love him, came right in at the right time and it just further stamped my approval of the writers giving Henry Barbara as his true love cause if not Henry would never have been at the hospital to realize exactly where Katie was and why she was not at the hospital with Chris and have him go straight to the cemetery and with just a couple of words - wonderful words - got Katie to the hospital where she belongs.

And Katie - my goodness but when she spoke up in Chris' room and said you wanna know what I think I thought Katie's back. My fiesty Katie will be the rock Chris needs and the rock Kim was looking for. So proud of her.

Dr. John and Dr. Bob are doing a great job of trying to keep him alive and Margo and Tom are also doing exactly what I'd expect - using their connections to get the ball rolling.

And Chris - knowing we won't actually lose him did not stop me from crying and worrying and being scared right along with his family and Katie. It was on the edge of your seat drama, tension and suspense and it was in a word GREAT!

And the car stalling on the train tracks! The acting talent of Eric Stevens is abosuletly without a doubt (in my eyes) perfection. He had me screaming at him not to try and out run the train not to keep trying to start the car then screaming at him to hurry up and get the seat belt off, the door open and get out of there. Terrifying but brilliant!!!!!!!

If this week and next week are as good as the last few days then I can say that ATWT is living up to it's history of not only family stories but cutting edge drama and suspense.

Here's to MORE POWERFUL DRAMA (hope that makes sense) and as the world stops turning may we go out in true ATWT style with powerful family ties and family bonding and love and please Lily and Holden take care of Luke and get him through this. I hope Luke comes through this stronger than ever and able to stand on his own two feet and NOT go off with Noah and bury his feelings and grief and not deal with them.

One thing I know though if last week is any indication then we are in for some great final shows.


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Re: POWERFUL DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby soapsrfun » Tue Sep 07, 2010 9:22 am

Great post. It is sad that the writers got their act together so late.
I agree the actors are doing a great job and I am sad with each day's episode.

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Re: POWERFUL DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby Tigress1761 » Tue Sep 07, 2010 12:14 pm

Beautiful post, nonniepat! I too have not seen this level of creativity in most of the 10 yrs I've been watching. Bravo to all involved. Today will be another hankie day, as the rest of the only 8 episodes that remain. I don't want to say goodbye to Oakdale!

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