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Postby PelphreyPosse » Sun Sep 05, 2010 2:09 pm

They don't DO transplants of hearts that are in their nineties. It wouldn't stand the stress.

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Postby porsche » Mon Sep 06, 2010 9:53 am

I agree I really liked him and he made me laugh I am very upset.What a way to end the show

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Postby Keeping It Real Too » Mon Sep 06, 2010 7:44 pm

Quote Eursell: I'am also disgusted that the writers are killing off Reid. Just when the Luke and Reid relationship was getting serious, they are going to end it. They had so many other choices. They could have used Nancy's heart, it would have made more sense since they are family the chances of being a match were more likely. It also would have made for a better ending for her. That would have been so special and a fantastic way to honor her. The family, cast and viewers lost a fantastic woman and it would have been wonderful for Chris to have gotten Nancy's heart. I loved the Luke and Reid story, they had wonderful chemistry and were so fun to watch. It would not have been a bad thing to just move Noah away to somewhere. That Nuke story was over a long time ago and needed to be left in the past. The writer's have done something very stupid. I have watched this soap for 18 years and this is one of the worst stories ever.

I love your idea of using Nancy's heart to save Chris. You are right that would have been a great story line and a kind of symmtary since the currently sick Chris was named after her husband Chris.

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Postby Keeping It Real Too » Mon Sep 06, 2010 7:58 pm

Quote Buffyfan428:
Quote Crabcaked: WHAT? These writers are killing me!!! I agree, my favorite sarcastic Dr. Reid getting killed? I'd rather see Chris croak than see this crap! My favorite actor on ATWT and this happens. I loved his sardonic attitude and refusal to succumb to his emotions like so many characters in daytime. Then as soon as he lets his guard down and tells Luke he loves him, he meets his demise by getting hit by a goddamn train...this is exactly why you don't utter those 3 formidable words!!! Bad things start to happen, and it's the kiss of death for most relationships, but in poor Reid's case his LIFE! Geez, I hate to see how this show's going to end, at least Henry and Barbara tied the knot cause I guess it's all downhill from now on...I don't think I can bare to watch another week!

Round of applause for you Eursell and Crabcaked!

For me Luke and Noah were over when Mason came into the picture. For some it was over long before that, but I hung in there for them. After Noah's accident and his utterly heartless and nasty behavior towards Luke, he has no right to feel like he has ownership or possession of Luke, especially over Reid. I wanted to kick him in the kidney the other day when he said Reid "stole his boyfriend". Noah had dropped Luke and started seeing other people LONG before Luke and Reid became an item.

I just think the magic Luke and Noah had at the start of their relationship fizzled out more and more with each s/l. The writers gave them too many obstacles to the point of prompting the viewers to think, why should they stay together?

I'm just so sad the writers couldn't see (and obviously didn't pay attention to what viewers/fans were saying, because I've been hearing a majority of fans saying they prefer Reid to Noah) what a great thing they had with Reid and his relationship with Luke.

I feel terrible for saying this, but I'm glad the show is ending. Killing Reid was, for me, the pinnacle of a large number of writing blunders/horrors in the past few years, and I hope these writers never find work beyond children's shows and PBS programs. They've slowly but surely been sucking the life and magic out of what was once a great soap opera.

I have to agree with you. As a long time viewer (about 40 yrs) who can remember when Luke, Chris, Katie and many of the others were born, I have to say that I know once Reid is gone the show will lose its value for me. I am just glad that I was able to record and save most of Luke and Reid's relationship. Reid is definately one of my all time favorite characters on ATWT.

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Postby Barb G » Mon Sep 06, 2010 8:13 pm

Quote PelphreyPosse: They don't DO transplants of hearts that are in their nineties. It wouldn't stand the stress.

Yes, I understand that. However, this is a SOAP OPERA and in the land of make believe ANYTHING is possible. The writers have stretched and twisted storylines at a feverish pace these past months, so...what's one more stretch of the imagination for the sake of the fans? ~)

After the way Chris has acted, being in denial about the seriousness of his heart virus. and waiting too long to get treatments so that a heart transplant was a necessity to keep him alive, he gets to have his happily ever after with Katie at the expense of Reid's life?!?!?! Where's the fairness in that??? Killing off the most popular and talented actor that ATWT has had in a long time to save Bob Hughes' son?

And then there's Luke who has been through so many trials and tribulations in his young life already who now will have to deal with the tragic loss and death of the love of his life, Reid! Didn't he deserve his happily ever after with Reid who had been shut down emotionally for so long? They both finally find their true love and soulmate, say those three magical words, "I love you", to each other, and actually meant it, and then Reid...well, you know what happens to Reid...

ATWT ends on September 17th...would it have been so hard for the writers to give all the pivotal "couples" their happily ever after endings and let the loyal fans remember the end of this show with happy memories? ~)

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