That's all about a new Beginning Last Show

Show's over but feel free to continue chatting to keep Oakdale alive.
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That's all about a new Beginning Last Show

Postby htcak3 » Tue Aug 31, 2010 4:05 pm

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Here is whhat will happen on the last show. Close your eyes if you dont want to know.

1. Barbara & Henry make it down the isle.

2. Emily & Paul see they are ment for each other. Raise Eliza and be a family

3. Carly and Jack wed

4. tragic for Luke & Reid this will set the stage for Luke and Noah

5. Katie & Chris end on a blissful note Dont worry fans

6. Bob & Kim go on to the next stage Retirement

7. Tom and Margo are ok and end the show with a empty nest

8 Holden & Lily will walk down the isle instead

9 Dr John and Lucinda become a couple

All cast members will return

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