Why is Henry getting such a hateful backlash?

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Why is Henry getting such a hateful backlash?

Postby jr2jr » Thu Aug 26, 2010 9:58 pm

I was very excited for Henry when Katie came clean and uncovered Vienna's lies to him.I was excited because I knew once Henry found out he would kick that skank Vienna to the curb and do what his heart was telling him to do...go after Barbara!Henry had suspected foul play all along in why Barbara had somehow disappeared.No one wanted to believe him but rather let on that he was dillusional.There were times in his quest that Will would adjoin him,but Will would not stay the course without doubt.Finally,Barbara is found and Henry is very emotional and ready to marry his true love...now comes the backlash!I just cannot believe that Paul,the very guy that tried to talk Henry out of marrying Vienna because he admitted that he loves his mother,now is raising cain about Henry marrying Barbara!This makes absolutely no sense to me!I waited forever to see Henry and Barbara ride off into the sunset as a happily married couple and now this ugly backlash?!I am really disgusted about this storyline and must agree without a doubt that this soap is definitely on its way out!!!I digress...

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Re: Why is Henry getting such a hateful backlash?

Postby lovinthesoaps » Fri Aug 27, 2010 11:43 am

I am with you on wanting Henry and Barbara together but getting married is ridiculous. I think Paul is in a very perilous position. His mother and brother who are two of the wackiest people in Oakdale and he can see it so clearly. I am sure that Henry and Babs will do their own thing but it would be unlike Paul to just smile and put on a happy face. He and his mother dont have that relationship and trying to make it that way now for me would be fake. I think it will blow over just not yet, there is still more drama to milk there.

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