Jade's pregnancy

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Jade's pregnancy

Postby daisydiddl » Thu Sep 14, 2006 3:10 pm

Well, very much to be expected... I just hope that the first thing Will does is go to Gwen and consult with her, as to what steps they should take. I feel as if they will want to be somewhat responsible, money wise (I hope this is not one of Jade's traps to get Wills $$$), but hope that this storyline will not be a re-run of Emily-Paul-Meg. Hope Barbara takes over the situation.

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Re: Jade's pregnancy

Postby Raneychul » Thu Sep 14, 2006 3:19 pm

Wow...so predictable...nobody saw that coming...Will had best demand a pregnancy test to make sure this isn't another one of Jade's tricks

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Re: Jade's pregnancy

Postby cuteyyt » Thu Sep 14, 2006 4:06 pm

Jade is a golddigger. She needs to have an abortion and leave Will and Gwen alone. The writers need to come up with something else for that ****!!
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Re: Jade's pregnancy

Postby SandraJ » Thu Sep 14, 2006 5:03 pm

Never in the history of watching soaps have I ever wished a character "killed off" or just plain "assinated" as much as I do Jade's character. I really don't think she has a connection to Oakdale or has a purpose. She's not related to Lily remember! Lily investigated whether or not she was Rose's daughter and she was not, remember! Don't just go Jade, GO FAR, FAR AWAY. I'm beginning to hate this show. It's the same old thing, day in, day out. Mike loves Katie, but Katie may still be in love with Simon. Simon is hot for Carly, but Carly make still be hung up on Jack. Jack is confused! Meg loves Paul but Paul is being played by Emily. Dusty is trying to have a friendship/relationship with Lucy and Lucy is scared of Barbara. Casey loves Maddie, but Maddie needs to heal. Will LOVES Gwen, but then there's Jade. It's sickening. I'm rooting for the "perfect storm." Please writers, please write this better than your Jade story. You know writers, I think I've found YOUR problem. You've given Jade too much power. We don't mind if she causes a problem every now and then, but you've given her too much power over some of the characters we really like. Try to fix that. Weaken her.

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Re: Jade's pregnancy

Postby Gwen_Will_lover » Thu Sep 14, 2006 5:22 pm

My personal thoughts on Jade's whole pregnancy thing is that she's not even pregnant at all. I mean would it not make sense, Jade has done stuff quite similar to this before. Think about it she was pretty ticked off when she found out that Gwen and Will were back together and she will do anything to knock Gwen out of the picture so she can have Will. And is it not ironic that she is all of a sudden pregnant just when Will and Gwen were getting back together. I mean sure, they did sleep together but wouldn't she have known she was pregnant by now? I think its all a scam of hers to get Will to leave Gwen and as soon as she spends all his money. BAM she's gone, no baby no nothing. Lets face it Jade's a liar and she won't stop till she gets her way. How do we know this isn't another scam of hers?

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Re: Jade's pregnancy

Postby grits1976 » Thu Sep 14, 2006 5:38 pm

!) Maybe if there really is a baby it's Kevin's >). When the show finds such a negative response to her they'll write her off :D . Yea...
They can let her fall or something like they did to poor Allison when she lost her baby.
Isn't it funny though how much alike Will & Paul's story lines are.

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Re: Jade's pregnancy

Postby opal54 » Fri Sep 15, 2006 10:50 am

Jade adds nothing to the show,can't understand why the writers feel the need to keep her on,is she related to someone on the show?as for her so-called pregnacy that was so predictable'since she could'nt stay back @ lillie and holden's she decided to play the pregnancy card with will.Will gave her money to get a place when he got his inheritance did'nt he? so what's up with this.It's time for her to leave, she's had her 15 minutes of fame. >(

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Re: Jade's pregnancy

Postby Erin » Fri Sep 15, 2006 12:32 pm

i kinda wish they would bring Rose's REAL daughter onto the show, and make jade disappear BECAUSE of her!!! it would be great to make jade leave.....since she seems to be the worst person on the show.... She makes me angry, and now she's the lowest person ever, using the 'baby' situation for her!!!

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Re: Jade's pregnancy

Postby cincin » Fri Sep 15, 2006 12:37 pm

I don't believe Jade is pregnant. This is the oldest storyline in soaps. Girl says she's pregnant to hold onto the guy. Will and Gwen need to make sure they are there when a real pregnancy test is done. :))

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Re: Jade's pregnancy

Postby Tara » Fri Sep 15, 2006 1:25 pm

Jade is so obviously lying!!!! LET'S HOPE! If she really does have to be pregnant - please let her die giving birth and Gwen & Will can have the child.
Even though I can't stand her, maybe it's time for Gwen's mom to get out of prison and cause some REAL problems for Jade. Her motives would be selfish ( Will's money ), but she could manipulate and scheme enough that Jade would wish she had never met Will!!!!!! Between her and Barbara - Jade would be miserable! HA!HA!

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