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Re: Next week's promo

Postby Princessrose17 » Sat Jul 21, 2018 2:09 pm

[quote="nanaboy3"][quote="happens"][quote="Princessrose17"][quote="happens"]OMG that is better than I ever hoped for!! Steffy finally sees Liam for the s*** he is. Brooke, Hope and Liam all SFTV. Steffy can't deny it now. I want to hear her call Liam and Hope the same thing Stephanie called Brooke. Please let the fierce, bold, beautiful, ruthless, loving, caring, family-oriented, devoted, business-savvy, power-hungry Steffy Forrester be back. Yes!!!!![/quote]

If Steffy was loving ,caring and loyal she wouldn't have treated her husband Wyatt so horrible. She was horrible to Wyatt.[/quote]
I'm well aware of how horrible Steffy treated Wyatt and she's paid for that in spades. Hope treated Wyatt a thousand times worse than Steffy did.[/quote]
Thank you happen. Why only what Steffy did is remembered is beyond me because it's conveniently forgotten but some of us have not forgotten what Hope did too[/quote]

Not just what Steffy did was remembered. Hope was terrible to Wyatt too. I stated that and that is why I am not a Hope fan. Steffy gets a pass for her bad behavior where Hope gets crusified for doing the exact same thing. I call both girls out for bad behavior. Not just one. Hope and Steffy treated Wyatt awful because of there feelings for Liam. The only difference is Steffy took her terrible treatment to an entirely different level when she tried to blackmail her husband Wyatt to stand behind the framing of his mother. That showed me Steffy's true colors. She was mean and heartless. I could never be a Steffy fan after seeing that.

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Re: Next week's promo

Postby nanaboy3 » Sat Jul 21, 2018 3:28 pm

Nuttytaylorhater wrote:Yep the apple don't fall far from the tree that lil tramp hope in a dressing room in a card table half naked about to have sex.

I Didn't see Lope having sex on a card table. The same way I didn’t see Still having sex in her bedroom in her childhood home.

They were both fully clothed only making out. So both tramps (Hope and Steffy) were kissing but not having intercourse.

The last sex scenes were Lope in the cabin and Still in the guest house.[/quote]
Hope was not fully clothes she had a little black top pulled up around her waist with Liam standing between her legs. If Steffy had not came in there would be sex . That was very plain to see. Hope was not fully cloth so apparently you are seeing a different clip. It will air Monday.[/quote]

So let me correct myself she was not completely naked and her pants were still on. She still had her top covered.

It was the same situation when Taylor busted Still. Had she not pounded on the door a different type of pounding would have happened.[/quote]
Probably but once again what Steffy did doesn't have anything with what Mrs Morality was doing.

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Re: Next week's promo

Postby dew drops » Sun Jul 22, 2018 10:26 am

putcoolnamehere wrote:
Penny_G wrote:Thanks for the clip!

Interesting that Steffy runs to Bill instead of to her own father. IMO, she's being a tad dramatic:
"You've destroyed our family." -- No, Steffy, you destroyed your family. Your actions gave Hope an opening.
"The father of my child was half naked with Hope" while turning over furniture. -- Uh, Liam was still fully clothed and zipped up. Unless she's making it seem worse than it was for Bill's sake. :roll:

And Bill: "This is really what you want." -- How could she possibly know what she wants? She's still crying like she was that night in the guesthouse. Afterwards, she claimed she didn't want that. So are they going to bang again? :lol:

:lol: that's what i said, he's still in his suit, steffy is delusional, good thing liam didn't see her when she was fully naked with his father

:lol: :twisted: :lol: :twisted: :lol: :twisted: :lol:

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