Hope's Baby Is BILLS!

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Re: Hope's Baby Is BILLS!

Postby bnb fan » Sat Jul 21, 2018 12:57 pm

Aurorasoapland wrote:Said that this chick is sick, sick and more sick. Think back to the Steffy pregnancy test; dr. implied the DNA between both Bill and Liam was almost a perfect match. Hope could have pretended to be a call girl for $Bill (we all know that he ain't had none in a while, at least, consistently). Hope with her multi-personality trait, not yet revealed, puts on a wig and seductive outfit, meets Bill at a bar, and the night is on :o She expects to get knocked-up by Bill, so as to pass this baby off as his son's. Then on to Liam with the we are having a baby story. I imagine she slept with Bill on the same day that she slept with Liam - call girl style. Could be. Interesting storyline, nonetheless; better than what's going on now. Hope has a dark side; sure of that no matter what. :lol:

The only way Hope could get pregnant by Bill is if she miraculously got her hands on his sperm and inseminated herself - Bill would rather die than to get anywhere near hope.

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