What was that?

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What was that?

Postby DebraM » Thu Jun 21, 2018 5:52 pm

Yet another Lope breakup? How many times do they need to brake up, and how many times does Hope need to tell Liam HE is her ONLY Mr right? In one breath she tells him he needs to be with his daughter, and in the next she goes on about being Kelly's stepmom and being a blended family. What is the purpose of telling Liam over and over again how HE is the only one for her? What is he supposed to do with that?

And Steffy, WTH? You're a fierce woman who last told Bill he messed with the wrong woman, now you're cowering? What's with all the silence? Bill's words must be resonating with you or you'd take him on. Remember the Spectra fire? Literally fight fire with fire and threaten him right back.

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