Liam has reached a whole new level of scum

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Re: Liam has reached a whole new level of scum

Postby nanaboy3 » Thu Jun 21, 2018 12:38 pm

lisalisalisa wrote:
nanaboy3 wrote:
stargaze wrote:[quote="lisalisalisa"Within what a month he proposes to two women , and doesn't need to buy a ring for either one :lol: Then he tells Steffy that the two of them together is the example of love that Kelly needs. Does he not remember that weeks ago he was asking Hope to marry him and be the example of love his daughter needs, they were going to show her what true love looks like. He is absolute scum and a joke, he didn't even have to buy a ring you would think he would at least give Steffy a new proposal and not recycle the one he gave Hope a few weeks ago :lol:

He was hurt and Hope was available. Liam has continued to profess his love for his wife even to Hope numerous times. Liam is where he always wanted to be. If Hope had minded her own business liam would have been back with Steffy .Liam is a man who was struggling with his wife ons. Hope took advantage of the situation now Liam is theblame. Ther would not have beem a proposal nor sex with her step sister husband without Bill lie. When will the blame be placed where it belongs. Hope accepted a rebound proposal and had sex with a married Liam because she felt her little plan finally pay off. As it's said Karma came home.

LOL.Why would a man need to marry the same woman 4x? The marriage should last at least as long as the engagement or the actual wedding
Seriously, my dad loved my mom and never left,EVEN during the hard times. Hope or no Hope,if he loved her as much as some claim..... If what Steffy and Liam have is true love,please I'll pass.WORDS mean NOTHING if not backed up by action and THAT kind of love, any woman with an ounce of pride or self respect, evidently not Hope or Steffy, would choose wisely to do without. Marrying her 4X means also proves NOTHING except he doesn't mind attending weddings :lol: .Oh be still my heart. :roll:

Liam's quick proposals to Hope and Steffy proves only one thing and that is that Liam wants to be in a marital relationship. Liam needs to be married to feel secure.

Just look at Liam's relationship with Quinn after she kidnapped him and how that relationship changed when Quinn came up with the idea of telling him that they were married. He became more committed once Quinn showed him the doctored photos.

Liam is in love with love. I know that he believes that he loves both girls and he does. We can argue until the cows come home over which one he loves best but in the end it doesn't matter because neither Hope or Steffy are Liam's soulmate.[/quote]
I guess Brooke really like attendiing weddings. She's been married to Ridge numerous times and how many others husbands ha e she had?
Hope must enjoy plannning weddings shes attempt to marry liam at least 5 times. At least Steam has had three legal marriages whether they last a year or not.Same could be said for Hope. If Liam loved hope so much nothing and nobody to include a child would stop him frommarryi g her. After all: he prioosed and the baby didn't matter so wby now? Because he wants Steffy, Hope was a rebound proposal from a man who was hurting tbinki g his w5was still having a aafair. Nothing more nor less. :lol::

I wrote in response to how much you seem to think Liam adores Steffy.I say AGAIN,he seems to adore weddings not Steffy, he seems to love weddings not Steffy.The fact that he can't and doesn't STAY married to her, he is always proposing,kissing or humping other women proves he's not very committed to her or any if their relationships..The number of times Ridge ,Brooke or Hope plan or actually marry doesn't prove or disprove Liam's supposed love and commitment to a women that he can "annull" the marriage/ leave, at the drop of a hat. The facts are that Liam is away from Steffy ,as much or more, than he is actually married to her.As I said THAT kind of love,anyone with any sense can sure do without

.Liam is in love with love and himself, that's why Steffy and Hope are interchangeable and THAT is a fact..Hasn't there even been a marriage or 2 that Steffy got the booby prize cause Hope changed her mind, not because Liam couldn't live without Steffy.If that's love I'm not seeing it.Even after thinking Steffy was with Bill,he checked NONE of what he heard and processed the "heartache"all of 15 mins before proposing to someone else., THAT is a fact.

Again, it doesn't look like love to me. All signs and actions point to a no that he doesn't love her all that much, he just lip service that he does and no matter how many times others got married, it does nothing to change those facts. :lol: :lol:[/quote]
I wrote my take on why Liam was marrying Steffy for the fourth time and pointed out he's not by himself in weddings and planning them
I don't care for Liam nor Steffy just stating how I feel about what's happening. Im a ex Hope fan for the very thing she's doing now acting like a victim when shes definitely not. She inserted herself in a marriage, broken or not wasnt her business, now shes suffering the consequences of her s sneaky manipulations
It was very clear by liam dialog to Hope, Wyatt and Ridge he was ready to reunite with Steffy but the lie hurt him as he was just beginning to get over the betrayal from his wife and father. I never said how much he cared for anyone other than the fact he was returning to his wife had to meam something and couldn’t have be all about the baby.
Proposing to Hope was a knee jerk reaction to a lie. Once the truth surface it was apparent he no longer wanted to marry Hope when he didn't insist the ceremony continues. Yes Hope gave him a out but he didn't have take it.Yes Hope has sets Liam free and mope around whining throwing pity parties as,she is now. Why set him free? This time Hope knows she was a rebound yet she's acting like they were in a relationship and engaged more than three days before a wedding was happening. My main point Liam is part of the blame for being impulsive but Hope and Steffy both are the main problem in this triangle. They allowed this back and forth from day one. One os no better than the other and its enough blame to go around. Hope is no victim anf would gladly take Liam the nooby prize just as Steffy does.[/quote]

On that point, we both definitely agree.Neither are victims, except by their own making, when it comes to Liam , running back and forth as if he is in a relay race,ugh.Im not a true Hope fan ,I just dislike Steffy so much that my support seems to favor Hope.

She is an idiot for accepting his lame proposal as it should have been obvious why he proposed in the first place,cause the hates to be alone.If Bill convinces Steffy not to marry Liam because of her mom and that goofball proposes to Hope one more time, I'LL slap them both,reach right through the screen and pow lol

But seriously I will stop watching for a while because those 2 , allowing ONE man to cause that much heartache, because he can't think a thing through but impulsively jumps from one woman to another , is by far the most idiotic thing I've seen since the Brooke and Taylor days.

I don't hate Brooke but she really needs to stop pushing her daughter, that she proclaims to love ,back to that waffling manchild and she needs to let go of her competition with Taylor,so Hope can move on.Ugh[/quote]
Yes slap them both for me. I keep trying to hold on but the stories get dumber by the day . I can't believe the writers of this mess. Do they think we forgotten what actually happened two weeks ago. The rewrites are ridiculous. I've never completely stop watching but I'm getting close. Yes this competition Brooke has will only serve to hurt her daughter. If hope is pregnant and has a girl the competition will continue. Thanks for respecting my take and I do understand snd respective yours.

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