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Re: Next week's promo

Postby loveridge » Sat Jan 20, 2018 9:00 pm

SteamIsTheOTP wrote:
loveridge wrote:
kenya12 wrote:Damn this is going to be good :lol: :lol: :lol: Ridge looks sexy as hell with all that anger ooooolala :o :shock: ;)

Ridge does look hott doesn't he when ridge threw over that chair I was like dang ridge I have never seen you that mad the man is an sexy beast :lol:

I love Ridge, he's so hot :D

IKR like my daughter says ridge had that certain swag going on even my daughter who is in her early twenties said mom who is this man here he is fine and she does not even watch this show but when she saw me watching the video of ridge throwing that chair like that she was like mom who is that my goodnes :lol: :lol:

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Re: Next week's promo

Postby LancyPassion » Sat Jan 20, 2018 9:32 pm

happens wrote:
LancyPassion wrote:
happens wrote:Give Steffy time. Once she's finally free of the waffler she will be the happiest woman on the show and I feel sorry for the next woman who will be crying all the Hope, Steffy, Ivy tears over Liam. The man's child... please she didn't look like a child when she was riding that stallion. Ridge is confronting Bill for doing the same thing to his daughter as what Ridge did to Bill's niece. Caroline was happily married to Ridge's brother when Ridge targeted her for the CEO spot. At least Bill is actually in love with Steffy, he's not engaged to Katie or anyone else like Ridge was when he targeted Caroline. Bill isn't pretending Steffy's baby belongs to him like Ridge did with Caroline's baby. Ridge needs to look in the mirror cause he's just as bad as Bill. I'm surprised Brooke would marry a man that had sex with her daughter in law, her son's wife but then she has the audacity to confront Bill. The man that had sex with Rick's wife can be Rick's step father again as far as Brooke's concerned.

Thank You. Caroline and Steffy are close to the same age. I think Steffy might be older. If Caroline was grown enough for Ridge to marry then Steffy is grown enough to consent to sleeping with Bill which she did many times that night. He hates Bill and he hates that he slept with his daughter the same way Bill hated Ridge being with Caroline. I guess both are hypocrites.

Lol they both are hypocrites. Remember the beat down Bill gave Ridge over Caroline and Katie? Bill punched Ridge til he fell then kicked him in the head. I guess Ridge deserves the opportunity to do the same to Bill. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Bill kicked his ass. This time Bill will let Ridge win. Doesn't look like he puts up a fight so Ridge is lucky. :lol:

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