Wyatt and Katie

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Re: Wyatt and Katie

Postby velvetlady23 » Sat Jan 20, 2018 9:24 pm

Winterhaven wrote:I like Katie and Wyatt - I would like to see them take their relationship public. Bill has no room to say a THING about Katie and Wyatt, first of all, Katie was in no way involved with Bill at all when her and Wyatt got together. Bill, on the other hand, was married to Katie when he went after Brooke, and after this fiasco with Steffy, Bill should have no problems with Katie and Wyatt. And she is definitely not way too old for Wyatt, they compliment each other very nicely - 8 years is in no way, way too old. Way too old would be Quinn and Eric - now that, to me, is way too old. Old man Eric should really have a woman his own age.
way to old for me is Dirty Bill and Nasty Steffy.

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