Fridays Episode Spoiler

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Fridays Episode Spoiler

Postby Touched » Thu Nov 29, 2007 12:50 pm

This episode find’s Brooke looking at a photo of Jack. Ridge walks in, and she shows him the picture. He asks if Taylor gave it to her? (By the way, Taylor comes home on the 10th). She says that Nick did! Ridge is less than happy. Brooke says she’s trying to decide what to do with the picture. Ridge says she should give it back. She hands him the picture.

Ridge then tells Brooke that Donna has called a family meeting? Shouldn’t she be there? Brooke says that he’s her family too! Ridge believes Donna shot his mother. (Somebody start baking that crow pie). Brooke reminds Ridge how bad things got when he thought the worst of Nick. They talk over their relationship and agree not to let anything pull them apart. They start kissing and end up in bed. Brooke thanks Ridge and says she needed to feel close to him. She professes that she will never turn him away again, and they start kissing again.

While Dufendorfer is satisfying his needs, the rest of the Forrester clan is gathered around their matriarch, at the hospital. Steph tells Pam that she had a strange dream about her! Pam reminds Steph that her name was not on the invitation list for the show. She doesn’t mention that she has already been at the hospital the previous night. Pam tells Steph she’s staying at the house and she brought Tiny with her. Needless to say, Steph ain’t happy about that! (Tiny must ferociously hungry all the time! No wonder Ann took off like a bat out of hell, weeks ago! She probably thought she’d be the main course, if she didn’t get back in time!) Pam’s ignores her and changes the subject. Pam brought Steph’s bedroom slippers for her. (Well, that goes to show you, ain’t nothing locked up in this city!) Steph wonders how she got into her hotel room? (Excuse me, didn’t Nick and Stephen get in without any problems?) Pam jokes about being a slippery person.

Stephanie is going to be released the next day. (Well, that was quick!) Pam offers to nurse her back to health, but Steph wants a real nurse. (Intuition must be kicking in here.) Thorne wants to bring his mother home with him and take care of her, but Eric intervenes. She will com home to her bed and her bathroom. (Oh yeah, that’s just what I would want to do, after the bed was burned and the bath was bleached five times over!) He says they have a lot to talk about, but shouldn’t do it when they’re alone.

Next, the Baker Boys come in to take Steph’s statement. Steph doesn’t wait to be questioned, she blurts out Donna’s name. Eric tries to defend Donna, because she’s the one who found Steph. Steph wants the Baker Boys to go and arrest Donna, but they ask her is she actually saw Donna do it. Felicia, Ever the Faithful, keeps interrupting and insists if mommy says so, then Donna shot her. Mommy’s word is law! The Baker’s Boys start talking about the gun. Stephanie has a revelation! Brooke had a gun that she gave her, of course! It was in her office because she wanted to give it back to me. (You’d think at this time the Baker Boys would ask why she would give Brooke a gun, no!!!) Steph says Brooke could have told Donna where it was! The police (soon to be the Keystone Cops) wonder where the gun is now? Well, Steph has another revelation!! (She’s just a Sylvia Browne, lately!) She says that obviously one of the Logans has it!

The Logan Clan, minus Brooke, all meet in Stephen’s hotel room to discuss the situation. Donna fears she’s going to be arrested. Stephen starts his usual tirade, and Katie tells him it’s time for him to go, she hints that she thinks he’s the one who shot Steph. It comes out that Stephen was the only one who refused to be tested for gun powder residue. Storm has done some investigation concerning Jackie. Evidently, she left the country a couple of hours after the shooting. She’s got some explaining to do when she gets back. The Baker Boys show up. They want to look around. Storm says sure, when they get a warrant! Stephen gives them the go ahead, he has nothing to hide, cooperation is his middle name (only as long as there’s a lot of money involved).

Det. Baker starts searching the room while dad questions the Logan’s about Brooke’s gun. Stephen insists he never saw it (What???). Katie says he did! (She’ll never be known as Katie, Ever the Faithful). Baker looks in the closet and notices Stephen’s suit in a drycleaner bag. It was the one he wore to the fashion show. Stephen says he spilled coffee on it! Stephen says the search is over, come back with a warrant. Too late! Charlie comes out of the bathroom with a gun. It was hidden behind a vent. Stephen denies knowing it was there and starts in about how somebody framed him. (Since everybody can gain access to everybody’s place of dwelling, this is a good possibility!) Stephen goes as far as to accuse Charlie of planting the gun! The police inform Stephen that they are taking him down to the police station while they test the gun. Storm reassures his father that he will be there for him (Nothing like a good drama to bring a family back together). By the way, just where is Stephen’s hotel room? In the same building with Steph? Pam could have been a very busy little Baby Jane!

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Re: Fridays Episode Spoiler

Postby Beckicat » Thu Nov 29, 2007 1:01 pm

Dufendorfer Ridge LMBO!!!!
I'm am glad that Brooke seems to be staying with Ridge(atleast at this second in time)
I knew Stephen was going to get blamed but I'm with you I think Pam could have been very busy.
Thanks for the spoiler :)

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Re: Fridays Episode Spoiler

Postby KeishaSam » Thu Nov 29, 2007 1:25 pm

Thank you so much for the update. You have helped me from being sickened to my stomach tomorrow, friday. I cannot watch Brooke in any bedroom scenes right now I think it's too early after a rape. The first time I was spared and because to you I am spared this time. Brooke and Ridge sickens me a waste of airtime, anyone with eyes can see that Brooke and Ridge are done been done for years. Just Boring. So thank you for the warning. I will watch thursday's episode and then bypass friday and wait until monday. Thanks.

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