Brooke: Fire Katie, but it is not a vendetta!

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Re: Brooke: Fire Katie, but it is not a vendetta!

Postby Lizzytish » Tue Apr 22, 2014 12:38 pm

Quote Houston777: Brooke to Bill's sister, "Fire Katie, but it is not a vendetta"!

Brooke is so hypocritical. She lies, she is trying to get her sister fired and then pretends it is all about what is best for both families.

No it is always what is best for Brooke!

Sorry, but it's not a vendetta -- In fact that's a word you should be using to describe how Katie got control of Spencer Pub in the first place. All Brooke was asking of Karen was to make things right for Bill. Spencer is his company, not Katie's.

If Brooke was trying to be mean, she would have played those papers with Katie's signature right up front, instead of trying to reason with Karen. Of the three women, Brooke is, by far, the least vengeful.

In Katie's demented mind I wouldn't be surprised if she talked herself into being in love with Ridge just to spite Brooke.

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