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Re: WoW Wyatt

Postby talk » Fri Nov 22, 2013 11:46 am

Quote LoganH8tr: When I look at Wyatt....manly is the furthest thing from my mind.

Wyatt isn't my type especially since he respects women even less than Liam does. He thinks quite lowly of Hope.... as evidenced by the fact that he basically told her that since she is having sex with Liam, she should be having sex with him too. Hope is just a piece of you know what, to Wyatt. Not that it bothers me cuz Hope is trash... but I'm just saying.

Liam is a putz about 98% of the time, but I like SC and think that he has great talent. Plus in real life he seems super intelligent and has funny sarcastic humor.... all that makes me more tolerant of the character, Liam.

I agree with you in one way...
As much as he has played the wimp, I like Liam.
Yes, he is clueless.
But, I enjoy him when on the screen. B&B would be in
trouble without him.

However, I don't want him with Hope.

Hope is my favorite..... Wyatt is climbing fast.
Hope will always be my favorite.. Wyatt has become my
next favorite.

DB has brought this show to life, for me.
A breath of fresh air to drive the staleness away.
Since he has come on board the show is exciting!

He is quite a wonderful person off screen as well.

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Re: WoW Wyatt

Postby APRIL JOY » Fri Nov 22, 2013 12:48 pm

Wyatt is more like Bill.think about it .Bill is the same way always breathing down a woman neck.depends on what or who he wants at that time.I am trying to get my head around why Wyatt thinks he should get as many kisses or even sex from hope.does he thinks this is sexy and does Hope think that is we what it is all about.there is something about Wyatt I didn't like from day one and the more I see him the more I dont like him.there is something really off with him.I also don't like the fact he pulled the necklace stunt.what kind of person does that and how was he so sure it would work.I really truly feel hope hasn't seen the real we Wyatt and if she does will she like what she see or will she run for the hills.part if me feels Wyatt could rape holding she will not tell cause she will not Liam to know cause she knows Liam would kill Wyatt.also she would put HFTF first and with Quinn jewelry she would feel that it would ruin the brand.

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Re: WoW Wyatt

Postby Layngel » Fri Nov 22, 2013 1:58 pm

Quote metalchica:
Quote BadWriting: Wow Wyatt sounds like a little Bitchhhhhh talking, the show really knows how to pick a truley masculine man, he such a little runny nose puppy. Dresses corny as well. This whole Hope,Liam & Wayatt is a joke.

hey badwriting-its working so far for the show as far as wyatt goes.. i like wyatt a lot and his mom-quinn isnt getting the air time i wish she would.
sorry we disagree-but i think wyatt s character has brought the show up-moved it from boring to fun. jmo

I agree I like Wyatt. His sarcastic nature to Liam is refreshing. I do agree with the OP that these triangles get silly though. I am just glad this one is 2 guys and a girl for a change.

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