The ONLY Relationship Brooke Is Willing To Save

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Re: The ONLY Relationship Brooke Is Willing To Save

Postby Please_listen » Thu Sep 26, 2013 6:01 pm

Quote bethonly: even if brooke chose Katie, she would always have it thrown in her face that brooke stole katies husband. just like Katie saying that brooke was the sl@t from the valley. I don't think that relationship is salvageable. she should go with the one she loves and stay with the one who will always love her back. let's face it, even if Katie got bill back, it would always be out of pity and for his sons sake.

Well that's the blacklash of doing someone wrong, even Stephanie had it thrown in her face what she did to Brooke all those years after they had gotten past it. It comes with the terrority.

There are two relationships here destroyed, I katie was trying to work on the one between her and her sister, not bill.

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Re: The ONLY Relationship Brooke Is Willing To Save

Postby Rena54 » Thu Sep 26, 2013 8:16 pm

Please Listen:

The only reason Brooke is crying is because Katie is not accepting this relationship with Brooke & Bill. She is expecting Bill to marry her and Good Lord I won't be surprised if she expects Katie to be in her wedding. She is selfish just like Katie said to her today.

She does not cry for anyone but herself. She is playing the victim card.

In Brooke's twisted mind she expects Katie to say OH, this is wonderful. Let's all have dinner one night. Brooke, Bill, and me. Won't that be fun.

Brooke stabs everyone she cares about in the back and then expects forgiveness.

She always has an excuse for why she does the thing she does. Let's see Ridge and Katie living together and sleeping together and have Brooke go over to their house. I can see Brooke having a temper tantrum. She would never accept that relationship, but she expects everyone else to accept it.

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