Eric doesn't deserve Taylor

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Re: Eric doesn't deserve Taylor

Postby stargaze » Fri Jul 05, 2013 9:38 am

Quote roadie:
Quote lovinthesoaps:
Quote BoldMama:
Quote hotspice58: Eric went to Brooke's more than once yet he claims to love Taylor. He doesn't deserve Taylor. She needs someone who will see her as number one.

She had that with Whip and Thorne and tossed them both aside!!

Seems to me that she doesn't deserve anyone and should be tossed out on her ungrateful, hateful, bitter, azz, like the garbarge she truly is >(

Amen Bold Mama!!! She has had more chances than she deserves. Eric was honest with her and turned Brooke down but that wasnt enough. Humiliating Brooke was far better than being happy and keeping her man. She could have been smug with Brooke for years knowing she "won" over her with Eric but that also wasnt enough. Now she is alone as she should be.

Taylor is responsible for being alone. It had nothing to do with Brooke going after Eric. She said it herself that it was about her own marriage that she thought Brooke destroyed. If Taylor weren't an adulterer and kept it from Ridge for years he wouldn't have left her.

So are you saying if Taylor did not commit adultery with James (was it only once when they thought that they might die) and keep it from Ridge they would still be married. Since you say Taylor did not tell Ridge was it Brooke who told him. Brooke the person who slept with Ridge while married to Eric. Who slept with Thorne while married to Ridge. Slept with Nick just after she married Ridge because she thought that he had died. Stephanie always made sure that Brookes indescretions came to light so it was not possible for Brooke to keep a secret like that from Ridge because we all know that she would have kept it a secret. Is there anyone on this show that runs to there partner and says that I slept with someone else. Yes I know Hope is the exception she ran to Steffy to tell her before hand that she was going to sleep with her husband in order to take her power away.

Brooke inserted herself into Taylor's relationships several times. Taylor tried hard to prevent Brooke from inserting herself into her sister's relationship so Katie would not end up like her. Then once again Brooke tries to insert herself into another relationship. I know that Taylor went to Katie's party because Eric wanted her to be there. Taylor told Eric that she could not stand the people praising Brooke for what a good person she is when she knew that Brooke and Bill had slept together. Had Eric been smart he would have taken Taylor away right then instead of saying just breathe deeply and then come back inside. Taylor tried but she just snapped when she heard Katie praising Brooke and saying what a wonderful sister she was and how she had always support her. Taylor just had to let Katie know that Brooke did not have Katie's back and that rather than supporting Katie she was betraying Katie.

To bad that we have another person who can not accept responsibility. Eric knows how much Taylor hates what Brooke has done to her and she told him that she could not stand listening to everyone praising Brooke. Eric had a responsibility to Katie to take Taylor away from the party because he was the one who told her to be there.

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Re: Eric doesn't deserve Taylor

Postby missgaht » Fri Jul 05, 2013 9:47 am

Eric is a yellow belly lizard and a horny old goat. Taylor is way too good to waste her time with a loser like Eric.

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