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Postby SassyR » Thu Jun 27, 2013 2:12 pm

Quote scrappie:
Quote LoganH8tr:
Quote scrappie: 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) I still don't understand how anyone can defend a nasty, sleazy, back-stabbing, lying, foul, disgusting wench like Brooke! That old trick is gonna get it good though! :D :D :D :D :D Go Taylor!!! :] :]

BTW the old tramp is no stranger to sticking her nose in peoples business either! ~) ~) ~) ~) ~) ~) ~) ~) ~)

No one sticks their nose in other people's business like Brooke does. She has done it to almost EVERYONE on this soap. But yet Taylor is the only one that is bashed for it? Please.

Bashing Taylor for something so trivial when others have done it, and continue to do it, in a worse fashion and to many people at a time....well you know. Taylor does nothing that requires any bashing, but yet she is bashed because she is the Anti Brooke character.

Brooke interjected herself into almost all of Taylor's marriages and relationships and continuously tried to seduce Taylor's husbands from her. Brooke should be happy that Taylor allowed her to keep her teeth all these years.

I used to be shocked that Taylor was bashed when Brooke was the one sleeping around and getting pregnant by incest...but now I just expect it. Anything to take the heat off the nastiness that Brooke does.

RIGHT! I guess if you have to try to bash Taylor you have to use something trivial and ridiculous ~) ~) ~) ~) because SHE IS A DECENT WOMAN unlike Brooke who's a sleazy HO who can't keep her legs closed to save her life.

Trivial and ridiculous? "A decent woman?"...really??? Her own obsession with Brooke's intimate life is about to cost her everything. Eric, her license, her matriarch position among other things. She is overtly envious of what Brooke has, her way with men, and the way men fawn over Brooke. So much so she is willing to throw her own "scruples" and integrity out the door just to get back at Brooke. Taylor is her own worst enemy and she really needs to quit blaming Brooke for her own downfall and quit stalking the woman. She needs to go find herself a good stallion and leave Brooke alone.

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