Does anyone think Hope will move on?

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dana lana
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Re: Does anyone think Hope will move on?

Postby dana lana » Sat Jun 15, 2013 3:02 pm

Quote ambroshaangel:
Quote Barbyboo: Just like to hear your opinion please....will she wise up? Will she see the light? Will she want a guy that loves only her and not two? Will Wyatt have a shot?

I dont't hink she will. I think she will use Wyatt to make Liam jealous and angry. I don't think she will have any true feelings for Wyatt. Why would they make this big deal about Steffy pushing Liam and Hope together for Hope to just decide that she's finally tired of Liam when Steffy is gone. I think Hope is going to give Liam a taste of his own medicine and it will be fueled by her family members after she cries to them about Liam not being the same blah blah blah

Couples cant have a smooth run on a soap. There always has to be obstacles. Cant see liam and hope ending up together as there are too many. One being liam is still in love with steffy and is still married to her. The other is Wyatt who i think will end up winning hope over. And it is about time hope showed liam what its like.

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Re: Does anyone think Hope will move on?

Postby HopeLoganFan » Sat Jun 15, 2013 3:17 pm

I truthfully think hope will move on with Wyatt..And since steffys gone and told him to be with hope. And you know him cant stand to be alone for awhile then he will chase after hope and hope will eventually will realize liam isn't worth wasting her time over I can't wait to see how he acts toward hope moving on with Wyatt!

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Re: Does anyone think Hope will move on?

Postby Barbyboo » Sun Jun 16, 2013 10:25 am

Quote ShirleyE:
Quote bethonly: I guess I missed something. all I saw (other than what the posters have said) is that hope sees a handsome man who catches her eye. hell he would have caught my eye too... he was naked. how is that a romance for her? maybe it will be but I think the posters are assuming a lot from what was shown. jmo

Because B&B said he was Hope's new love interest.

I seriously doubt he will last long lts see if she erases all those Liam photos from her phone

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Re: Does anyone think Hope will move on?

Postby Lovesoaps1948 » Sun Jun 16, 2013 12:01 pm

I think Hope is getting tired of the waffler and she will move on with Wyatt. This will happen only after a dog fight between Wyatt and Liam. I am so happy to see a new triangle and this time two guys fighting over one woman. I do hope she picks Wyatt as Liam has been waffling for too long.

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Re: Does anyone think Hope will move on?

Postby babez » Sun Jun 16, 2013 1:02 pm

The only way she will move on with Wyatt is if someone else is wanting him..she is just like her mommy. They think they are entitled to anything and everything and screw anyone who gets in their way.

Now that's unfair. Hope was in love with liam way before steffy noticed him. In fact Hope wanted liam when he was still liam cooper. i believe she'll move on when she sees that liam is still thinking about steffy she'll see that steffy means more to him than she, Hope, wanted to admit.

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