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Quote stargaze: Taylor is not a bad mother and if you do not agree, I would certainly say that she is no worse than Brooke.

I do feel that both mothers were wrong in advising their daughters to persue Liam. Steffy tries hard to tune out her mother when she is pressuring her to do something that Steffy does not want to do (i.e. not telling Liam about the baby; Steffy only gave in after her Dr. encouraged her to tell the baby's father about the child and because of Brooke's ambush wedding). We do not know if just Steffy's appearance may have stopped the wedding without the reveal of her pregnancy.
As to Taylor's talk about Steffy having another child as soon as possible it is because she knows that this has helped many other couples deal with the loss of an unborn child. While you may feel that this is bad advice possibly because like Hope you feel that he married Steffy mainly for the baby. Taylor is concerned about pulling her daughter out of a deep depression.

I could just hear Brooke giving Hope the same exact same advise in a similar situation. As so many people on this board have gone to great pains to point out there is not really much difference between Brooke and Taylor. The main difference that I can see is that Taylor waits until the male is single where Brooke prefers them married. And when it comes to Brooke, Taylor reads her very well and Brooke hates that. Once again Brooke has not hesitation about breaking up someone elses relationship.

Taylor quite naturally wants to protect her daughter's relationship. Once again she has not done anything that Brooke hasn't done.

For those of you who want to send Taylor and Steffy to a mental institution then we also have to send Brooke because these two are only parroting Brooke's behaviour but it is taking two of them to do it.

Having another baby at this time is totally wrong firstly because Steffys hormones have not yet settled so she is dealing with that as well as the grief of the loss of the baby. Another baby will not replace the one that was lost and it is wrong to put that kind of onus onto a baby Steffy should not even consider another baby until she has mourned the death of the one she just lost. Having a baby to soon after a loss like this could in itself cause all sorts of problem especially PPD and difficulty bonding with the new baby because she has not yet fully mourned the lost one.

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