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Re: Anti-Steam Fanbase (No Steam Fans)

Postby stilltrashx » Wed Dec 13, 2017 12:18 am

malayshia escalia wrote:
stilltrashx wrote:
malayshia escalia wrote:Enough is enough, No chemistry, 3 marriages in 6 years and they still aren't compatible, There is nothing that justifies the pairing.

Yes!!! Time for them to end they get the same writing every year I am tired of Steffy getting ran over by the bus time to move on.

IKR Each and every year, Making her unwatchable by us her fans, Its sickening.

They really made it about a guy defining her Liam always cheats and when Hope comes back she will go back to not existing he never deserved her loyalty I am rooting for her to get some self respect move on and be someone that will put her needs first.

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