Will Broke end up with Bill?

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Re: Will Broke end up with Bill?

Postby wildflow » Wed Nov 14, 2012 6:16 pm

Brooke has screwed just about every man on the show,accept
for her son...she has no shame...but she does look good with
Bill ;)

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Re: Will Broke end up with Bill?

Postby REDMIDGET » Wed Nov 14, 2012 7:35 pm

Quote Ojobear:
Quote Lialovessoaps: Of course she will. Seducing husbands is what she does best.

Thought this was about Brooke NOT Steffy.. Anyway back on topic.. I dont see the whole Brooke and Bill thing taking off. I know Brookes past and all BUT I will be surprised if this one happens!! One Brooke hates Bill and is just with him right now to hopefully help her sister and not to mention Brooke still has her hopes on her and Ridge working out.. Just not seeing it but that's just me!

If katie was going to do this to her sister.Why Brooke.Why not Donna she is free and needs a man in her life, What if Ridge come back.Than what.Billy and Ridge get into a fight over Brooke.Come on we dont need this crap all over again.Here we go again.Same old crap. If she was going to try to put someone there for Billy than why not Donna,Brooke heart will always be with Ridge,Hopefull Katie will go home and be with Bill and her baby.I would like to see Brooke and Ridge back together,And Taylor with Thone,

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