Love Steam - Liam & Steffy No Bashing

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Re: Love Steam - Liam & Steffy No Bashing

Postby flocon123 » Tue Oct 25, 2016 6:07 pm

Rena54 wrote:I think all of you need to look back at past episodes from 3 years ago and watch how Liam played both Hope and Steffy. He married one divorced and married another and divorced. The nit wit could not make up his mind and kept them both on a thread. Now, he finally makes up his mind to be with Steffy yet again, after conveniently forgetting he DUMPED her yet again. Wake up he is a WIMP. and now Steffy will be his yet again PUPPET but she deserves it.

I thought this was NO BASHING. I think you have the Wrong Thread!

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