Spoilers!! The next 2 weeks will be juicy!!

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Re: Spoilers!! The next 2 weeks will be juicy!!

Postby bethis » Sat Jun 09, 2012 10:58 pm

Quote soapfan4: SNS Daily Monday 11/15 SNS

Monday, June 11
Bill pays for Deacon’s bail so he can get out of prison.
The wedding party arrives in Italy..

Tuesday, June 12
When Deacon cant decide, Bill threatens him.
Steffy gets very upset after witnessing Liam and Hope together and happy.

Wednesday, June 13
Bill asks Steffy to remain in Italy
Deacon finds out more about his daughter.

Thursday, June 14
Brooke and Ridge enjoy some romance while in Italy
Hope and Liam explore Italy - while Steffy mopes

Friday, June 15
A pair of lovers get engaged.
Bill is face with a a challenge to get what he wants.

SNS 18/22 Spoilers

Steffy has second thoughts about attending Hope and Liam's nuptials, but Bill encourages her not to give up.

Hope is stunned to receive a visit from the last person she expected to see in Italy for her wedding -- her father, Deacon.

Deacon delays Hope long enough to make Liam think he's been left at the altar.

Hope races to get to her wedding on time, unaware the groom has fled.

Liam and Steffy find a note at the hotel that makes Liam believe Hope doesn't want to marry him.

Bill reminds a remorseful Deacon he is hooked to him forever and readies the second part of his scheme.

Ridge and Brooke look into who is responsible for Hope's no-show.

Steffy represses the part of herself that still loves Liam and goes missing.

Hope tries to explain to Liam why she didn't show up for their wedding.

Katie has a physical reaction to Marcus' news.

A change of heart prompts a shocking decision.

COMING: Will it be Hope or Steffy who says "I do

thanks for the info

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Re: Spoilers!! The next 2 weeks will be juicy!!

Postby imkimw » Sat Jun 09, 2012 11:01 pm

Quote fortaylor: soap4 I appreciate the info but this is not allowed. Better look at the guidelines. You can get in trouble without written permission from SNS.

What's not allowed? Too many rules to keep it straight.

I hope this spoiler is wrong. This spoiler is true, it is all about continuing the triangles for a long time.

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