Please be forewarned re: no bash/bash zones

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Please be forewarned re: no bash/bash zones

Postby Soaps Mod » Mon May 14, 2012 12:58 pm

This forum does not allow more than one bash or no-bash zone per character. We have never allowed people to continuously post these threads. Please do not keep adding new 'no bash' zones when there is already a bash or non-bash zone created for you.

If you wish to discuss opening a new bash or no-bash thread, please contact me.

This forum is for all fans of B&B, not just Steffy or Hope fans and we do not want new posters to come to the forum only to be scared away because there are no regular threads to discuss the show in.

Keep in mind that debating is the main purpose of any message board. If you do not get along with a specific poster, ignore them. If you do not like a specific character, please ignore the threads about these characters.

This will make your life, mine, and everyone else's lives easier.


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