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Re: Pro-Steffy Club....(no bash)

Postby bnb fan » Tue Oct 06, 2015 10:36 pm

So, are we going to have to deal with Steffy being raked by Eric??? I love JMW and so far there have been many improvements in the writing for Steffy but the set backs have been in storyline development and writing. I can't believe that we are taking 2 steps back in the whole Aly thing... :roll: I get that Ivy is in need of a story being out of a job and with a 2 bit theif and manipulator like Wyatt (which I think that makes those 2 a great match) but where is the show going to take Steffy next? Is bringing this storyline about the night of Aly's death (which by the way was suppose to be a conversation none of the 4 were going to have again and they swore to that and now Ivy runs and tells Eric bleck that girl sucks) going to eventually go to the cops? court scene?? IMO, it's a little too late for a court scene.

I'm glad Monica came in and gave kudos to Steffy...and Thomas (not so much on the 'glad' re: Thomas) Shows that Ridge, Steffy, Liam, Thomas are changing the vibe at FC...was that scene any type of foreshadowing???

Glad Steffy's back - hope to see her involved in a fresh new storyline with other folks ... done with Ivy and Wyatt. I'd like to see some STILL! lol sorry - gotta add that in

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