What were those good songs they played recently?

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What were those good songs they played recently?

Postby musclehulk » Mon Oct 17, 2011 10:48 pm

When Steffi and Liam were on the beach they played a song. Was that the Christina Perri song called "Arms," or was it another song or singer?

Then there was another song in a recent episode I can't remember. But I remember thinking that it might be the song by Adele, "Make me feel my love."

Could people here make a note to pay attention to the music that is played. It may be good or it may not be but I don't want to miss the name of the song if it is good. Good songs are hard to come by with all the total trash out there.

Those last two songs I remember were pretty good. As usual, "Bold and Beautiful," does quality work in everything they do including the choice of music they pick.

Some of the recent dialogue/arguments on Steffi and Liams relationship and marriage by Brooke and Taylor and Stefanie and Eric on sex and aging and affection are so much deeper than any other soap opera I've ever watched.

Despite all the ridiculous like and hate conversations on this forum that hardly make one iota of difference and which I pay no attention to because they are so infantile, there is a lot of deep profound dialogue that goes on the show that is something to think and discuss about not like or hate about.

Anyway, if anyone knows the songs I'm talking about, let me know. And try to pay attention to any good future songs they might include and then let us know what they are.

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Re: What were those good songs they played recently?

Postby Izitjo » Mon Oct 17, 2011 11:21 pm

It's Arms from the cd Lovestrong ..great song

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