Bold and the Beautiful writing sucks!

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Bold and the Beautiful writing sucks!

Postby z0deac » Wed Sep 07, 2011 8:56 pm

I don't know why I watch. Perhaps because it only robs me of 30 minutes out of my day. But, am I alone in thinking that the writing on B&B sucks? Each episode is the same writing rehashed. Taylor-Ridge-Brooke. Taylor always loses. Same dialogue...okay, Brooke and ridge are soul mates. Enough already. What's so bold about Bold and the Beautiful? I knew they would wimp out on the Thomas/Dayzee storyline. I was proud of them. That did't last long. Marcus sucks as an actor. He puts the l-a-m in lame. And one more thing. Are all the homes, offices and hospitals in the same building. How does one go from having a simultaneous conversation with other characters in one place to catching the 2nd word of another's conversation in a different place? Example: Brooke can leave home after discussing Taylor/Steffi with Ridge to appearing at Forrester's before Taylor and Steffi can complete the sentence that they were having at the same time as Brooke and Ridge. And does anyone lock their doors or better yet, does anyone knock? OH Yeah! Liam is a lame character also.

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Re: Bold and the Beautiful writing sucks!

Postby ohioangel49 » Wed Sep 07, 2011 9:08 pm

same crap taylor and Steffy after taken men get them a man of their on

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Re: Bold and the Beautiful writing sucks!

Postby musclehulk » Thu Sep 08, 2011 12:25 am

Ok, the way I understand it, which means the way I read about it, the writing is set up with a head writer who sets up all the plots. That would be Mr. Bell., the younger one, the son, forget his first name. Then all the other writers are supposed to write dialogue for the plots. Sometimes it's pretty good and sometimes it is not. I'm guessing the volume that they have to produce and the time limit put such pressure on them that they can't produce the greatest writing in the world all the time. Really, if what I read is correct, I'm surprised that one person sets up all the plots. You would think that all of that would be set up in a team environment. It's rather surprising that one person could do so much.

I have some ideas myself and I hope to send it to them in a week or two. My life is just too parallel to Bold and Beautiful.

Regarding Liam. That freaking eye movement of his drives me nuts. No other actor on any other program on TV or soap operas moves his eyes around like he does. If he were someone I knew, I would think he was wacko. And maybe he really is. But yeah, if he wants to make that a part of his unique character -- look all over the room when speaking and he thinks it works, then go ahead. I don't really think it works but it does make him stand out when speaking. You have to ask yourself, is this good or is this bad. I can only say that I don't think it is GOOD.

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Re: Bold and the Beautiful writing sucks!

Postby msconnie1399 » Thu Sep 08, 2011 2:04 pm

soaps will always be trash. Why they can't get rid of people on these shows like Amber Moore, Steffy acting like Brooke, and write in some innocents like with Hope and Liam let this be a love story of all love stories. Not along the same line as Brooke and Ridge. that was a trash relationship too bad Ridge didn't have the brains to find a real relationship, and it probably wasn't meant to be with Taylor, they should have never written her back in. I hope that Liam continues to stand up to Steffy ~) and be true to Hope...wishful thinking huh! ~)

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