Stephy & Hope the next generation

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Stephy & Hope the next generation

Postby bnb fan » Wed Dec 16, 2009 10:46 am

One good thing is that Stephie (I don't know how to spell her name so will botch it up in this thread please bear with me) - has a mean streak - I would like to see the brunette take the upper hand in at least the next generation. However, Stephie is still a baby and does not need to win over the likes of Katie - I like Katie and there's something to be said for respecting your elders to the extent that the younger one can't be treating them of the same age - the whole wanting "katie to sweat' thing was so off-putting - very spoiled brat, naive and conceited to think that she has that power even...I think that a dose of humbleness is due for little miss 'i'm all that' is in order and should be served to her by none other then Katie. I personally would also like to see Katie win over Brooke - I think Bill is such a presence that he can over power Ridge and even Nick - and with Katie by his side he is seen as compassionate to an extent - i hope that whatever nonemotional front that Bill has that even him falling in love with Katie for real surprises himself. I like him hard and tough and feel that with Katie he becomes more humanized and for Katie with Bill - feel with him by her side she becomes more dominant in her own right. They look good together and work well together - I think we have ourselves a great power-couple together. Powerful enough to let Brooke know that she's not the only one with brains and beauty in the sisterhood ;)

Interested to see how Hope turns out...given that Brooke and Taylor will be in protective mother mode ...

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